Options for Annual Camp 2009

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BlueBear, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. For our regimental annual camp for 2009, our squadrons have been given carte blanche in terms of what we do, with the caveat that whatever the training is, it can't be purely AT, thus being a mixed military skills/AT package.

    Having responsiblity for the planning of our camp, I've been looking at the options and carvassing my unit. Unsurprisingly, most personnel want to go overseas which is isn't unreasonable given our previous annual camps have been for the most part in the UK.

    Looking at the options, I see that the following countries have potential for an annual camp; Cyprus, Canada , Falklands, Gib and Germany.

    Germany is already the likely option for two of the Sqns within our regiment so is not a preferred choice. Canada would be excellent however I understand that whilst getting there via a trooper flight is not necessary an issue, getting back could be tricky since non-essential units can be bumped from flights. Ditto the Falklands for that matter. Gib and Cyprus both have potential since we can organise our own transport if necessary.

    Has anyone been on annual camps on Gib or Cyprus, and if so successful were they? Thoughts on this welcome please?

    Its highly likely that in order to achieve a critical mass for our camps, that two squadrons will pair up
  2. Go to Gib and get on Marble Tor if you can, fantastic place. We did 3 days AT, 3 days tunnel warfare (which was a new skill to everyone and loads of fun, and you don’t have to be infantry) 3 days mats, Mil swim test, a days MACC task, 1.5 days stand down.

    Best camp I have ever done.

    If you do a search there is a link on this site to the BBC, load of footage of another unit doing the exercise. I would volunteer to do this camp again anytime it was that good.
  3. when i did it, a g&t was 13p.
  4. If you don't like your CO much, I'm led to believe that multinational exercises in KAZAHKSTAN are just the thing... :twisted:
  5. One or two of the grown-ups in Wiltshire might just have an opinion on where, when and if you go on an OTX and how it fits in with their already established programme.
    Have you spoken to HQ LWC SO2 G1/G4/G7 yet?
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    msr LE

  7. Agree with the above about Gib. Since when did units get to decide where they go for Annual Camp?
  8. If you're looking for OTX now for next year you're already too late!!!!
  9. Our unit has done Gib and Cyprus, i personally preferred Gib, it was an excellent exercise. If you like AT the Training center at Capel Curig, North Wales is excellent.
  10. How come you get to choose?! Not fair! (throws teddy out of pram).

    Never done Gib, Cyprus was ace, but we're Inf, and were able to fully utilise Paramali (Obua) and the landing craft/beach assaults, having said that, I'm sure the Corps could do something.
    Awesome AT opportunities.
    Great R&R (a boat trip on the 'Jolly Roger' from Paphos with the whole Coy on board - utter carnage!)

    Alterantively, UK based could do some Live firing for a week building upto LFTT packages,then over to France for some (ahem!) Battlefield tours, then back for a weeks AT (as previously stated Capel's a good option - as is Penhale in Cornwall)

    OR! two weeks of soldiering in the Beacons, two hours off to get down Brecon for a pint and a Pizza, then back in the trucks to your trench.
  11. you can always join us on the plains, a fantastic place. if not have you thought of going stateside,,easy to plan and let the dept of defense stump up some of the cost. went to massive chew sets a few years ago and that was the best camp ive had
  12. Were off to Swynnerton! Join us! You get to drive on the wrong side of the road and sample the delights of Staffordshire.
    For two whole weeks.
    Our Marble Tor got cancelled at short notice earlier this year, some transport issue, so you might want to make sure you have a plan B that will not make your guys suicidal.
    But, like the Murphys, we're not bitter.
  13. I have been on exercise in Belgium twice, Arlon, an excellent area with many opportunites for mounted and dismounted training as well as AT. There is a camp there and the Belgians treated us to some of their tank training including being 'run over' by tanks!

    If you want further details let me know and I will PM the details I remember although the RMLY should have the relevant PXRs etc.

    Don't know about lead time for bookings but certainly the best camps I have done in 19 years, I even flew back from Canada, on leave to take part in the last one!
  14. Organise own transport? Neither has a sensible driving option. While both have civvy flights running back to UK, the chance of putting an entire unit on them (especially at the short notice that would be given - typically measured in hours rather than days) approximates to zilch.

    Our lot were in Cyprus, due to come home when the Balkans kicked off. All our freight and baggage was checked in, leaving us with only with our hand baggage, when we were informed that all flights were cancelled for an indefinite period.

    A couple of blokes managed to be put on civvy flights due to extenuating personal circumstances, but the rest of us were there for an extra week.

    We were on Ascension a couple of years back and had the luck to have our return aircraft break down at Brize. For those that don't know, the plane flies to Ascension, drops pers off, continues to the Falklands, stays one or two days, then returns to Brize via Ascension where it picks people up. So we had three days notice that the return flight would be late. It took nearly a week for the plane to be fixed, meaning that our Camp had to be extended by that period.

    Essentially any problems with flights generally mean an extended stay. The exception is if your unit has been booked on a civvy scheduled flight, then they tend to pull out all the stops to get the civvies back home and you just join the throng. If the delay is down to bad weather, though, and there are several plane-loads of people wanting to get back, the military passengers will be put at the end of the queue.

    If you get the chance to go to the Falklands, take it, regardless of risks of getting home late (but warn people off in advance). It's one of the few places where the Army gets to relatively easily, but the opportunity for civvies is negligible. The terrain is wild and the weather conditions have to be experienced.

    If people want to visit Gib or Cyprus, they've got the opportunity to do this on holiday. Gib is a bit limited for military training these days, while a Camp in Cyprus won't afford much opportunity to see the land beyond the Sovereign Base Areas. Both worth going to, but see the Falklands as the place to strive for. Once. Well, maybe twice, but with a good many years between.

  15. Scottish Transport? See you there :thumright: mind you will be nice to live on the camp this time instead of the shitty old buildings on the training area which are freezing and downright dangerous. Mind you the NI indoor range is good fun