Options at uni, advice please

Hi guys, I'm starting at UWE in Bristol this September. I'm really keen to get involved with the Army and am considering a regular commission after I graduate. I have visited the local UOTC and have a good idea of what they offer. Got some questions about the whole shebang though;

1.) What are the advantages/disadvantages TASO or DETAPO instead of UOTC?

2.) The UOTC offers RA, RE, Inf and RAC attachments, does this expand if you take the TASO or DETAPO routes? I have flying experience from the RAF(VR) and would like to look into AAC

3.) Can you volunteer for a tour whilst at uni with UOTC, TASO and/or DETAPO?

Would appreciate any input, cheers!
1) http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/TA_Student

2) Don't know

3) No. Definitely not.

Whatever you choose ensure you put your studies first at all times. Your degree will follow you round for a lot longer than your TA service.
Personally for me I have joined the TA as a solider. Then when I graduate I want to see if I can get a regular commission. I would recommend become a TA solider first, to see what being at the bottom of the food chain is like - you will get an once more respect then if you want to go reg later on. The TA like you being a student, however uni doesn't like the TA much, because the weekends when you should be studying are taken up at shooting ranges and out in the field. But its a awesome part-time job, I would suggest getting some know-how as a solider first, then see from there.
The advantage of joining the TA are that you will be training for a real role. The advantage of the Bristol OTC is the social life and a broad but shallow view of the Army through the various Troops, Inf, RAC, Arty etc. From a personal perspective, if you aim to Commission after University you will get all the realism you need at RMAS and on operations. What you will learn in the TA in three years will not really give you too much advantage over your peers once you have commissioned. In short, have fun at Uni, enjoy the social and don't take life too seriously, there will be plenty of time for that later on! Best of luck.

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