Optimistic prediction


The prediction by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that it could take up to 12 years to defeat the Iraqi insurgency will come as no surprise to his own troops.
Once Hidja Nasreddin promised to learn Bagdad's Halif donkey read Koran during 20 years. The Halif promised to behead Hidja if he would fail. Poor Hidja people said. Don't worry answered Hidja. After 20 year one of us (me, the Halif or the donkey) probably would die.

So it is clear the Iraqi forces are not going to have the capability to fight on their own any time in the foreseeable future.

That leaves Washington with only two options.

The White House can either prepare Americans for a very long haul - or it could start work on an exit strategy, with all the humiliation that would entail, and the very real danger of an Iraqi civil war.
So we can understand words of Hidja Rumsfeld as 'it could take up to 12 years to defeat Iraqi insurgency' if American troops would stay in Iraq. But more probably that new Washington's Halif would not insist on learning of Koraq by American troops.

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