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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gethsemene, May 3, 2007.

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  1. If you are based overseas (BFG), is there an army contribution towards cost of sight test or glasses and if not how much are these in paderbourn
    Cheers Gethsemene
  2. go into the med centre and ask to put your name down to see the visiting optician.

    but why should you get assistance with the opticians? I buy my own like most folk. the only freebies ive ever received were 1. free eye test in phase one, and 2. a wonderful pair of defense specs!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    If your work requires you to look at a VDU then you are entitled to free eye tests at company expense. Civi st is the same as Mil. Cost towards glasses: you don't get a penny as you get issued glasses. Remember to get your Resi Lenses changed!
  4. Alternatively sit really really close to the monitor..... Obviously eye condition dependant!

  5. If you get glasses through the military, you are entitled to claim back the cost of the eye test (but go to your med centre prior to getting them tested to obtain the paperwork).

    If your job depends on you looking at a VDU and your Health & Safety nazis agree, you can also get £60 on top of your eye test fee refund towards the cost of your glasses.
  6. msr

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  7. If you work on VDU's for more than 4 hours per day than your employer has a legal obligation to provide an annnual sight test.

    In addition if the Optician finds that you need glasses specifically for VDU use, then they are obliged to help with the cost of the glasses.

    T'is all here http://www.hse.gov.uk/lau/lacs/16-1.htm

    I've just managed to claim the £60-I put the claim in on JPA under Med, Dent, Opticians, Prescription Fees section.

    To be honest, I'm not sure how it work for reservists-your main employer would be the ones to harass for that.
  8. Hi - if you're in Paderborn then the Med centre can make you an appointment for the local optician, the optician visits once a fortnight on a Friday, he is based in Sennelager med centre so you can also get an appointment there.
    He is slightly weird though with alarming dress sense. :D
  9. Hey sorry for not making my post clear enough I am a pad brat turned optician looking at the possibility of setting up a viable practice serving British troops in Germany. Just wondering how many would pay for sight test as thought would get more buisness with the army paying.
    Cheers Gethsemene
  10. Ah

    so you were doing more 'market research' than asking for assistance

    TW@T !
  11. Thats not weird thats just GERMAN :p