opticians form?

hello folks,

im trying to get my application process started and went to the recruitment place around 2 .5 weeks ago had a chat with the man behidn the desk who said that because i was weaing glasses i had to get the form filled in with my precription from my optician.

i took it to my optician that very day and got it done and took it to the recruitment place the day after, where the gentleman at the desk told me that he would send it to somewhere in scotland ( forget where) to get reviewed? and told me that i would get a letter inviting me to a interview once it was done.

now it will be 3 weeks since i handed my form in soon , so my question is how long should i be expected to wait for a reply cause i really just want to get the ball rolling.

sorry for the essay guys
I wouldn't worry my medical took 3 weeks but i've heard some peoples take much longer, stop fretting and good luck with it all :)
If its just the opticians form alone then i am not to sure but if included with all your medical docs then time varies. Mine personally took around 4 weeks but other factors can affect how long it takes. You can always ring the ACIO back up to check, i know i had to.
i rang up on thursday morning to see cause it was only the one form, which i thought was odd them asking me to do instead of all the medical stuff. he said they would contact me via letter or phone :S

so guess i wait xD

thanks for the replies
Strange, I went through the BARB before being given my opticians form, and that form went with all my medical forms together!

Good luck to you though!
hey folks, sorry to drag this up again.

ive still not heard from anyone yet regarding this form and its been 4 weeks since i handed it in.

i gave the people at the recruiting place a call last week and they said that they wouldnt be able to tell me when its expected and would contact me.

now would i piss them off if i rang again to see whats going on or should i wait, incase its ok. i would have thought it would have made sense to get this done with my medical forms and what not but oh well.

thanks for your time guys :)
hey fella yeah sounds bit strange mine took 4 weeks but its also down to your med records aswell while iwas waiting for everything to process (all rest paperwork) i used to ring once every week alot is done by email just got make sure they are checking it reg. what ever dont lose focus i know its frustrating but its all worth it good look

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