Optical Enhancement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by POGscribbler, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Having vigorously moaned and groaned during the last few six nations matches about the Ref being blind etc... My wife has suggested I get some optical enhancement.

    There is an opportunity here for me to spend some hard earned cash (with minimal "budget" type justification) on a decent all rounder, set of binos... any thoughts gentlemen?

  2. Spec Savers
  3. 50 mill objective lense, but they might get heavy :)
  4. I've got a riflescope that's more expensive - around £1800 to replace today but no, those are the most expensive binos I have. :)
  5. Who manufactured your rifle scope 8)
  6. Quality mate :)
  7. Well you all know what Im going to say, 10x20 rubber covered £4.99 in Lidle, or 10x50 £14.99 cant go wrong at that price
  8. ELC sells ones for children. Only £5.99 when we got ours. Surprisingly good.
  9. Useless in low light. Dull colour. prisms not properly aligned which leads to a double image (this will get worse as they get knocked about) which will lead to eyestrain and headaches if used for any length of time. Shite. Avoid.

    If you want a decent pair that won't break the bank look at the Nikon range. Very good value for money and very durable. Bright colours and a sharp (enough) image.

    However if money is no object, Swarovski or Leica. Absolutely outstanding, bright, very sharp, rich colour transmission and tough as old boots.

    I have a pair of Swarovski 10x25 compacts, which I bought second hand for £12! Cash Converters Seven Sisters Road! I don't think they knew what they were really worth :D
  10. Another thing worth bearing in mind is most expensive isn't neccessarily best for you. Minox binos are well made but I've used Russian Zenith that performed better to me. Binoculars can be a very personal choice as we all see colour light and shade, DOF differently. Try out lots of brands, regardless of price. (Except Lidl. They will be shite)

  11. Considering that the Lidle Brand " Tronic" is made by Bresser I dont understand you, I recently saw an Army sniper in the QDGs with an issue Bresser telescope, I just cant see the point in getting ripped off just for a Gucci name when most of these thing are made in the same Chinese sweatshop, Oh yes, and the word you were looking for was" Paralax" which I have not had a problem with by useing these binos.
    The previous pair I had were from Nauticalia, the Yachty people and cost well over a hundred pound and apart from the branding are the same as the £14.99 from Lidle, I know which pair I wont cry over when I drop them in Bristol Channel