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Re drinking on ops know several people came to greif over it .One left thearte early under a cloud someone else got a thousand £ fine
for being an arse while drunk .Some officers no sense of humour .


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TartanTerror said:
Anyone done the PGF task, what’s the accommodation like? I take it the job is sh1te, but what are the amenities like? cheers
Generally at the Apod you are in two man corrimecs which are great as long as you keep the place tidy and the aircon does not break. If it breaks, then it becomes a sweat box.
On arrival you should get chance to buy a cheap fridge which is a must, especially in the higher temperatures of spring/summer. We kept ours stocked with coke and gatorade as well as water. Nothing better than peeling off the kit after stag/patrol etc and necking a ice cold drink.
Would recommend against getting brand new electronic stuff as the dust gets EVERYWHERE! you can get DVD players from the naafi out there, but not sure what region they are...
There is a bar on camp which is likely to sell beer and so on. Your OC will probably be the camp commandant so it will depend on him (and how you guys behave) if that bar remains open. The comment by Woody is a valid one. An NCO got a £1000 fine towars the end of the tour and was warned that he got off likely.
There is a regular laundry service, the LEC's are partial to fanta etc if your CQMS is on the ball, and manages to arrange for a 24 hr turnaround...
The efi is good, and worth a visit for the occasional boost of morale. There was a good choggi shop in waterloo lines for DVD's and so on, another good one opened behind the efi while we were there too.
Subway does a good breakfast if your willing to spend money, and Pizza hut deliver anywhere on the base.
Humphrey_De_Tiluel said:
and if someone could just post the guard patrol routes and times and the usual ammo load/resup capabilities for a patrol that would be great.

ali aqbar

I agree with the post. Why are professional people giving so much info out? Its scary. :cry:


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To be fair though, there is nothing said here that the LEC's wouldnt pick up on anyway. Just re read through the site and there is nothing secret discussed.
Forget the Laundry Tartan. I personaly recomend This. :wink:


Found it a godsend. Kit washed and dryed in less than an hour. :D :D
Ahh Sweaty with home comforts now theres a shock he he he

Tartan just remember the cheese was blameless it was the port that done it and stay away from shovels!!!!!!!

Did I mention the Foot Spa :wink:


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Full on curry restaurant had opened when we left....
Tartan_Ninja said:
Tartan_Ninja said:
The Letters might arrive on Friday....(Latest News)
the tasks are looking good, MORE NEWS TO FOLLOW.
Oh well looks Like my info is B@llocks again....Becoming a habit! 8O
Latest news from the Post Office is..

The Letters will arrive when We deliver them :D :D
Usually two weeks notice - next friday.

Is it a case of report by 1600 on Sunday for 0800 on Monday - Im an augmentee so have only the date so far?
When I deployed on Telic 5 we did'nt get the Brown Envelope untill 3 weeks before!!

I was based at the Palace and my Multiple always loved going to the Apod because of the facilities!
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