Optelic 9

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swamped.under, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Don’t know if there is a post on this yet but here goes anyway!

    Anyone got any news about the info about optelic 9? My lot (7th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland) is heading to the pit some time in November to do the usual 10-month stint. Their posting us to Basra airport to sanner bash (the joys) so if anyone has any useful info either on the airport or the op itself could you please post it.

    Also any useful bits and bobs that might make the tour a bit more pleasant would be good, already packed the laptop and tones worth of porn. Also packed the smoothie makers and omelette mix so don’t need to know about things like that 8)
  2. You might want to check that, sangar bashing might not be everything you'll be doing.

    Log onto Armynet and have a read of their stuff on Telic i.e. intro to Arabic and Islam etc
  3. Well, QRF / stagging on / patroling etc 8O
  4. But thank for the website btw :D
  5. would that be the usual 6 month deployment but with the UK/Germany pre and post deployment training and leave?
  6. You're right Filbert, but then you already knew that! :D
  7. stag on!!...i was on telic 7....apod will be a bit muddier than shaibah log base at that time of year,but enjoy anyway..take plenty of reading material.....you may be eligble for 2 can rule....but the again you may not...its a nightmare watching others drink in the tt bar!!....food is better up the apod too....happy days!!!
  8. hehe, just thought a 10 month deployment was a bit extreme.
  9. Anyone know if there's a possibility of taking CMT2s if they can't get enough CMT1s to voluntarily mobilise?

    Bit of an odd Q, I know, but just having an off-hand wonder.
  10. 7 Scots were going to mobilise a CMT3 for this tour. So there should be a place for a CMT2.
  11. I was on telic 5 at bas air station

    no doubt it will have change now but basically it was broken down to 3 days doing escorts, 3 days QRF & 3 days staggin on at Div HQ

    escorts basically involved going round dropping people from Div HQ off at various locations in basra city & the surrounding area & sometimes the odd trip to Kuwait with white fleet vehicles

    QRF tasks involved things like sitting in a portacabin by the air field waiting for the IRT team to be crashed out in the sea king (bring lots of DVDs!) - was a fun task when you did get crashed out though + you'd normally get to spend an hour or so training with the helicopter if you were there for the daytime stint.

    guard at div - erm that is the shitter - you basically sit at a desk checking passes or stand at the front gate telling every other vehicle that pulls up to go away because they're not on the list - tends to get you into arguments with regular SNCOs & officers - though you can always suggest they to go & see the chief of staff and explain to him why they don't like his orders.

    anyway I don't think the tour is too bad - though people do tend to get sick of the staggin on aspect - at one point we took over from one of the scots guards companies at shiba for about a week & the RAF regiment took over our taskings - the scots guards had a shite job in comparison (+ shite accommodation) & the RAF gunners were too thick to do the stagging on job at div properly (plenty of comments at div along the lines of ‘thank **** you guys are back’)
  12. and if someone could just post the guard patrol routes and times and the usual ammo load/resup capabilities for a patrol that would be great.

    ali aqbar
  13. And the local population wouldn't have worked out those broadbrush routines themselves?!
  14. The best thing the "jocks" of 7 SCOTS need for Telic 9 is loads of bribes for their CQMS.......know him good lookin bloke got a thing for GMPG's though so big bribes.....the usual,you know porn,porn & even porn!......remember no drink...makes him go a bit wonky! LOL...
    see you at Chilwell Guys!!!!
  15. Feck me Ninja. You've been drinking too much port. :wink: