Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chris_2oo6, May 5, 2007.

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  1. can anyone whos recently done this give me a heads up of what to expect???

    i know theres basic arabic + iraqi cultures etc and "5s and 20s" but thats about it

    bearing in mind its only a 5 day course so i'll probably get smashed through it
  2. anyone?
  3. The first 2 days is all lectures the last 3 are train the trainer type stuff. Just remember OPTAG only gives you the basic's
  4. Chris, where are you doing the OPTAG package? Germany or England? I can only really speak about the German one although I guess they'll be based almost identically, I wouldnt worry about it to much mate, the last one I did in Germany was actually really good fun, you basically get lectured to death for the first 2 days, it can get a bit boring but try and stay awake as its important stuff they talk about, then for the rest of the course, (not sure how long your OPTAG is lasting) you will practise scenarios and situations that you might and probasbly will encounter in Iraq, everything from basic Arabic and patrolling skills, to riots and casevac situations. Some of the instructors i met came across as strokers but they are the subject matter experts so listen, but like madpad said they only give you the basics as 5 days isn't really that long anymore you want to know mate ask away?
  5. doing it in lydd camp, kent

    sounds interesting... apart from the dreaded casevac lol

    cheers for the info, did you get to learn much about foreign weapon systems ie AK's etc?
  6. yeh they took us through, the AK etc, showed us how to make them safe and the drills, Lydd camp should be a laugh its alright down there mate, couple of good littel pubs in the village if you get the chance to get out you'll have a big range package as well
  7. Dont try and stare the landlord of The Royal Oak in the eye.......................
  8. The last one i did in probably the worst lager in the world ever....Sennelager. The DS didn't give a fcuk, they just seemed to be going through the motions all the while boozing it up on the Duty Free's for a week. My crows were well shitting it
  9. I done it at lydd camp last week. We'll probably have to go back there for more... Most of them are boring as hell.

    But yeah as said earlier, lecured to death the first 2 days. the next 3 was scenario rehearshal for senior officers on the last day.
  10. You really will get more benefit from the training going in blind, at least in the exercise phase - the lectures are lengthy dull but mostly relevant. Much of the content is not suitable for discussion.
  11. first 3 days were boring as hell

    most of the stuff i done in battle exercises is irrelevant ie snatches etc, as we use warrior...

    enjoyed it though, the last exercise through the village riotin was good

    few fit birds around aswell

    flying out on wednesday 8O 2 weeks after passing out i'll be in the sandpit lol
  12. Good luck mucker. Stay safe.
  13. Not lecturing you because I hope everything goes well and you and your mates all come back safe and sound. Just remember one thing though, those boring three days are there for your benefit and if you dont need to know they wouldnt of taught you it so make sure you've taken it in. If you dont know ask, it might be a stupid question to some but nobody knows everything and all your NCO's around you want you s part of the team. Stay safe. :D
  14. Good luck Chris!
  15. Gents, i've been told i'm going to do a 5 Week Optag :? anyone done one of these bad boys and whats the extra weeks made up of

    Any information appreciated.