Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MAXIMUS MERIDIUS, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. What are the views on OPTAG? Is the Training good?
  2. Is OPTAG a 'Site Issue'?
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  3. What does that mean? Let me re-phrase. I've not gone through any training with them prior to deployment. I know it's mandatory. Should I read up on anything prior or just crack on? What is the instruction like?
  4. It's designed to be totally irrelevant and we use bananas instead of rifles.
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  5. It's useless. When you turn up inform the DS that you know more than them, then proceed to quiz them. They will thank you for it.
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  6. LOL. Are bananas dangerous then?
  7. What's the drowning man for?
  8. That bad?
  9. Only if your female..
  10. Having sat through it recently.
    ALL of it is useful. More importantly, ALL of it is necessary.
    It has improved in leaps and bounds since I last saw it. My initial encounter was days sat in a theatre, hungover, and trying to stay awake.
    My most recent experience was a bunch of very clued in individuals, each trying to impart their knowledge and experience in the most accessible manner possible.

    If you make an effort to engage with the material (rather than be a powerpoint zombie) ask questions and encourage discussion (taking into account the tight timeframes) then you might well come away with something.

    The current OPTAG team heavily promote the TRANSITION role pertinent to deploying troops, so much has changed. When coupled with a little reading-in to the principles of Counter-Insurgency and our withdrawal from past conflicts, you may find you learn more than expected.
  11. Not even sure what it means, is it a pneumonic
  12. So in 1 word. Give it?