Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wilkinson, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    I've got OPTAG coming up in a few weeks time and have been told that it's going to finish no earlier than 1700 on the Friday. I know they change the course dates and timings fairly often, but I was wondering if anyone has been on one recently that's run from the 1700 Mon-1700 Fri? If so, does it finish earlier than the *sounds good on paper* 1700 on Friday. I'm hoping to get away for the weekend with an 8pm flight from Gatwick.

  2. good luck depends on how big the course load, which given the time of year i would guess its big
  3. I did the 5 day course in March, there wasn't any room for manoeuvre on the program and no-one got away early. They had clamped down on people tipping up in the morning getting their names ticked off and then scarpering. This was down to some gobby ******* Rodneys being overheard loudly guffawing in the mess how they only attend the lectures that they needed and binned the rest. Now each syndicate has a leader who has to escort his party around school trip style and ensure that everybody attends each lecture.
  4. Lydd - Gatwick is eminently do-able in 2 hrs, even on a Friday afternoon. You are very unlikely to get away early, but the sprint to the car on the offski call is all-important... Up to Ashford (count your wheels on the way out, there's a sizeable pikey presence), onto the M20 and Bob's getting very cozy with your mum's sister. Have fun, and while you're there try the Pilot pub's glow in the dark fish & chips in Dungeness.