Optag - bit of a curates egg

Just finished OPTAG. The battle lessons/exercises were very good, but I really didn't expect to find a unit, whose raison d'etre is giving presentations spending that much time keeping blokes hanging around fighting defective kit, missing presenters, presentations which were completely incoherent and/or pitched at completely the wrong level.

Funny old world: RTMC runs like clockwork and is mostly TA, OPTAG is run by regulars.

It'll be entirely down to the quality of instructors and this is always driven by whether or not being an instructor is seen as a good career move - if it is, the good uns will be there, if not - the duffers turn up.

Optag may not be the career move of choice (same as JOTD?)
CURATE'S EGG - "Something which is part good, part bad; a mixed bag. The expression comes from a 19th-century cartoon in the British humor magazine 'Punch': A nervous young curate (in Britain, a junior-grade clergyman who is usually an assistant to a more senior member of the clergy) is served a bad egg while a guest at his bishop's breakfast table. Asked whether the egg is to his liking, he stammers: 'Parts of it are excellent!" From "Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Allusions" by Elizabeth Webber and Mike Feinsilber (Merriam-Webster, Springfield, Mass., 1999).

(Thanks google!)
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