Anyone had dealing with this agency at all...?

I have logged in but am adverse to paying money out to get through for applications that might not get anywhere!

Tight fisted git that I am! :twisted:
TheLadders is quite well regarded here in the US, and setting the entry bar higher than free sites enables them to attract both employers and possible employees who are seriously talking about a $100k+ job, rather than the dreamers/chancers. I know a couple of people who have used it successfully for jobs in US marketing agencies and the like, but whether the UK variant is as well-stocked as the US version I cannot say, and that might be the deal breaker; paying your cash and then finding there are only a slack handful of openings, none of which are what you want.

Hope this helps; good luck on the job search...
If its a UK based employment agency, its illegal to charge an person who registers with them seaching for employment!


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