Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. I was on a train last week, minding my own business and musing on life, when I realised that I was in the middle of CGS's briefing.

    Except I was on a train in civvies. Damn it, I am a civvie (much as it pains me to write that). What was CGS doing briefing civvies on a train?

    A careful "up periscope" revealed a 1* (also in civvies) chatting on his mobile telephone. Except he wasn't chatting; he was briefing someone on CGS's latest briefing.

    I thought I had left all that behind when I locked the Bedding Store and handed over to my mucker. I don't need it now and I don't think that a train is a suitable place for such conversations. But I guess that his presence in Second Class is a result of the banning of First Class travel.

    I'm not going to divulge what I overheard but there were several people in the carriage who might not share my caution!

    As the old war posters warned "Be careful of who is listening..."!

  2. So you didn't have the cahunas to tap him on the shoulder and suggest he waits until he gets home?
  3. Not exactly that uncommon, get on any train coming into or leaving London in the morning/evening from anywhere in Surrey and you can sit next to many civil serpants and read whatever briefing documents they have taken home.
  4. What? A retired LCpl tick off a serving 1*???


  5. Had it recently - sat on the Lpool to London and sat next to a girl who was from a third party provider who was outsourcing some of our services - although there had been no announcement and it was price-sensitive information. She had her computer open and papers scattered on the table.

    I said nothing on the train, and waited until I got into the office.

    Suffice to say - mag to grid on that particular provider, looking for another one now.
  6. My point exactly. You can say what you want. He can't jail you anymore.
  7. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    You should have got a name and balckmailed him - a word to the Scum and he's toast
  8. Yup, agreed: I used to work for a certain Swiss bank in Broadgate. Due to late hours one night, I stayed in an hotel nearby. As a little light relief, I was using the small internet cafe in the lobby to see what all this guff about interweb porn was all about when I decided to have a quick look at 'Recent Items'.

    Lo!! 2 saved Word docs that one of our Graduate trainees had worked on regarding some research on a major gas supplier that the bank was advising on merger.

    This clown's team leader was close to being stroke-affected: the fool had endangered a deal that was worth squillions.
  9. Similarly, I was on a train recently listening to a loud american bragging about the super hush hush deal he was planning to buy out on a company. The obnoxious individual made it clear that he intended to fire the chief exec, and bring someone new in, but that it was still very sensitive (he thought he was alone in the carriage).

    Such a shame that I was providing a running text commentary to a close acquaintance of mine who works on a major newspapers business desk :)
  10. I used to work for a major chemical company, our HQ was just off the main road from London to a big conference site.

    Sitting having lunch in a local pub I heard a very interesting conversation from two UK staff of one of our Swiss competitors, enroute to an exhibition - that my boss was already attending...

    I wonder if they squirmed at all as they drove past our very visible main entrance a few hundred metres down the road. That pub was full of our staff....
  11. Was on a train a few weeks ago travelling on the Reading train?
    (On my way to the Shot).
    A few raw recruits got on at Winchester and sat a couple of seats behind.
    A mouthy girl spouting off about her and others exploits / service in NI, and present situations.
    Apparently did 22 years as an RMP.
    Including information about Para and sas.
    What she knew about the Reg was unbelievable.
    The whole carriage could hear her mouth.
    She also gave info about why the sas had a double edged dagger? (Unforgivable).
    Never the less I sat there sniggering and when I stood up everything went silent.
    Perhaps because I was wearing my (para) badge.
    Or was it because I’m an ugly git? 8O