Having recently managed the initial PSAVs of a number of forward HQs, I was curious to discover why the OPSEC notice had only been posted on the Intelligence Corps  and on the R Sigs boards?

I personally felt it would have had a more appropriate impact, posted on one of the main boards... ?  

I'm sure that the targeted audience of this board will have guessed that it was intended for wider consumption, unless there is something we are not being told about??
Int Corps personnel need to be reminded of OpSec for the simple reason that most of the 'big timer' books are written by them, lets not go into laptops (well i bet a couple of you wish the SIB hadnt been into yours)
a couple might not have been impressed.

Like the majority of the rest of society, most of us find that kind of thing abhorant, wherever it is found.

Who do think first reported on kincora boy's home??

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