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Quick reminder on rules:

No full names. Or even feeble attempts to camouflage a name using a one or two asterisks (that's one of these * if you don't know). The only exception is for people long retired, dead, or already in the public domain (e.g in the newspapers).

'Friends Reunited' style 'Where are they now' type posts are not encouraged on ARRSE - there are plenty of other websites that do that sort of thing.

Use common sense on operational stuff. We all know the Army is in Iraq, NI etc etc, but don't post stuff on FUTURE deployments, technical stuff that gives capabilities of equipments that would be useful to our opponents, roulements etc.

No pointless slagging off. That is for the NAAFI.

If in doubt send me a PM and I will be the judge. Bottom line is that as the site MOD I have power of veto, and if I don't like a thread or a post it will be deleted. (and before you think I am power crazy I can confirm I have never been 1 Regt Trg NCO)

Not open for further replies.

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