OPSEC on foriegn sites

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cobhman, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. I've just retired and I am new to Canada. I've been participating in a great site here on the Canadian Armed Forces, army.ca . (free plug here) But unfortunatly I let others "see" my email address. This has resulted in 4 emails of a threatening nature in regards to Northern Ireland. I post this here to warn others to be very mindful of OPSEC when on foriegn web sites. I might add that the owner of the web site has been very supportive and is in no way involved in this incident.
  2. So much for a free exchange of views.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Got the link to the site ?
  4. http://www.army.ca/ this is the new link.
    But I doubt if the canadian army site was the cause of the bad emails, rather I suspect he got them from a different site. Perhaps cobham could give us the link of the offending site ?
  5. I did not get them from the site itself. I want to be clear that any errors committed were mine and mine alone. Someone who was on the site looked up my profile and got my email (my mistake, i should have listed it as non appearing) and sent the emails. As I mentioned the owner of the site has been very supportive and has offered me any support that the authorities might need. I reported this to the appropriate person in the High Commision. Today I had a call from the RMP OIC here. It is probably some over eager teen he thinks. But any mistakes made here were mine. I posted this so that others might not fall into the same problem.
  6. That clarifies things a bit. With all forums having the pm feature no one needs an email addy. I know that some people here might be interested in the NI thread that caused the problem in the first place. Thanks.
  7. It wasn't a NI thread. He found out from reading my postings that I had just retired from the Marines. I am guessing that he has a hate on for anything British. I've met a few of that type in North America, they are rare but around like any fringe group.
  8. Sorry you had that bad experience. Maybe one day you might run into the fellow in person. 8)
  9. I would just love that. I could counsel him on the error of his ways.lol
  10. Hey Cobby are you speaking about me!

  11. For the rest of Canada especially those on the west coast I truly apologize.
    Just be careful mate, Canada is a 'melting pot' of people from all walks of life, you never know who you may bump into to and what thier affilations are.

    Cheers 2CB
  12. Interesting! Check out Big Bad John on the Army.Ca site and see when he joined their site. Same day as he joined here! Sorry lads buts he is taking you all for mugs by looking for sympathy and getting it. He is a walter mitty.
  13. Forgot to add he also has a Southern Ireland Email add. Figure that one out!
  14. Whers Cobby gone, Found out again Cobby how many more sites are you going to go onto ?