Opscore Helmets?

Hey all - Been abit sick recently so ive found myself browsing the internet
Ive been hearing about RMs using opscore helmets and the likes? is this true?

I was linked a video and you can clearly see
RM's wearings opcore helmets?? I was suggested that it might be members of
the boarding teams, but i also wasn't aware they had opscore!

Any word on this.
Plenty of skateboard helmets out there, opscore is particularly expensive compared to some. Check out their bump helmet prices compared to others in the industry and you will see the difference. They were in there at the outset and have been worn by some of the big boys internationally so they have market kudos.

Many of the Europeans are moving to home grown alternatives away from expensive US gear imports. i.e. UfPro is used by many instead of Crye and Schuberth makes a damn fine skateboard helmet.

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