Morning, looking for some fun and interesting trg ideas. Looking at the Trg programme and finding it all very dull. The aim is to find some ideas that are not the useaul DULL ARMY type stuff.

I have already had some good input but, as many of you have been in the same position I am hoping for some spark to make it interesting for the guys and galls to enjoy. This is aimed at the TA so when and if you can help could you bear it in mind that we only have a short time to get them to and from the area.

Thanks in advance for your help!

What type of unit, what type of training, evening or weekend?

A simple expedient is to do the 'usual' training, but with the 'unusual' occupying the command appointments. A variation is doing the 'usual' but in unusual circumstances; NBC or black out conditions.

For a weekend Ex 'Sibling Rivalry' normally provides an edge to training. Take 2 sub-units/teams based in opposite areas of the training area and give them the weekend to identify and attack the opposing team. Stand back and watch.

For evening training why not try getting your folk to give lessons based on their civilian jobs and what skills/attributes are useful to the military and vice versa.

Urban training is always fun. Try an Urban TEWT or staff ride. You will need clearance but it can be kept minimal if in civvies and on public roads. Pick a building and discuss how would assault/defend it. Pick a route through the area and get them to conduct an estimate on it - where the vulnerable points are, choke points, likely ambush areas etc. Get your folk to brief on how they would move on the route / through the area, or how and where they would ambush the route.

Just a few random thoughts.

1) Speak to the guys and gals who have just come back from an Op tour.

2) Ask them what they would have like to have known before they deployed.

3) Incorporate their ideas into your training plan.

I'll wager they may well include: VCPs. top cover shoots, anti-ambush drills, IED awareness, use of RoE Cards/SATT trainer (judgemental shoot), mine awareness, use of an interpreter, range work with body armour (inc minimi, 9mm, UGL etc), field firing, helicopter drills....


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