Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by barnezy349, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Are Ops landys fitted with the Clansman 320s??? I've gotta weekend exercise at Swynnerton start of april and heard we've got one joning us and since i'm the regimental signaller for our contingent, i'm the only person who knows how to use a 320. great :roll:
  2. Expand a little on what an 'Ops Landy' is mate.............................
  3. i think cadet chav spk for an FFR?

    or maybe a typo...Op SLANDY?
  4. Well.. if its anything like the landys we use... its probably a FFR (meaning its fitted with a 353)...

  5. It completely depends on what nets you're using. HF or VHF?
    Find out who's providing the vehicle and then ask them what kit they'll be coming with and what nets they'll be operating on?
  6. Well you cannot know that much if you think you can use a 320 on a ''ROVER''
  7. paveway - obviously you don't know that much! Of course you can use a 320 clipped into a rover! - It ain't rocket science fella!!!
  8. You can. There's an installation kit to fit them into FFRs.
  9. I will wind my neck big time then . I must take a hell of a lot of work
    to keep comms then on HF .
  10. Easy - frame clips into the racking in the FFR, connect to a whip antenna on the side of the wagon (the ones on the side by the canopy, not the front) and Robert's your mum's whotsit.

    Oh god - the RSO course is coming flooding back into my head. Help!
  11. The question is - why would you want to use a CIK on an FFR to fit a PRC 320?

    Use the power - go for a VRC 321! Big bendy antennas are the way ahead! :)
  12. Thats why i never went Royal signals . Tac sat harris 117 and a 346 (at a push ) will do me
  13. You wouldn't choose to use a 320. But if your establishment or availability doesn't provide you with enough 321's they may be all you have :(
  14. Your not one of those loons that bend the front vehicle whips back over towards the top of the FFR, cos it looks 'cool' are you? More whips the better though. VHF is the way ahead anyway, far too much random gibberish on HF. A close contender for heaven is a rebro det in July, possibly only beaten by a relay relay.
  15. VHF may be great for people operating within fairly close proximity to each other (10's of KM's). But if you're operating over any greater distance then HF is the daddy. :D