ops kit

due to go on tour again soon, ive still got all my old dezzies, but things like goggles/glasses/mozzy net/jungle gonk bag etc are long gone,

do you get issued more or will i have to go "diffy" and get charged for them???

heard conflicting answers

cheers :roll:


I am in Chilwell now. You get everything you mention and much more (eg Brit pattern Camelbak) Just bring a decent civi travel bag to fit it all in. 3 sets of deserts issued etc plus winter kit (dpm goretex etc)
thanks for your answer but thats not my Q

my question is, i still have some desert stuff from telic, and im deploying on herrick soon

will i get issued another grip bag full of stuff or will i have to go diffy the stuff ive lost/broken/got stolen for my telic issue
one of our lads just went out on telic and he got a complete reissue , got told not to worry about the other stuff !!
Should be a complete new issue, as the desert stuff is only designed to last for 1 tour (or so I have ben told by a geezer in our QM's, may be spinning a line), anyway, we all got a complete new issue
Should be a complete new set of rig, might be a few nice surprise additions as well.

I'm packing all mine for my holiday now - 55kgs my hoop! :)
when i went on telic all our bergens just went on the pantec and straight on.. only had to check hand luggage in

anyone know if you go via kuwait to afghan like iraq??? them american camps are awseome lol
You can do Afghan direct. Cyprus is used on the return route.
Jaysus, the boys coming back from TELIC 1 & 2 got into the big hanger at RTMC, were made to strip off their desert CS95 and send it for laundry so the next lot through the sausage machine could be issued it.

In the words of Max Boyce, "I know, because I was there!"

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