Ops Director job

Details on a post that may interest you or someone you know:

Ops Director at Glenside Manor: Glenside | rehabilitation and care for long-term neurological conditions

Salary is officially 60k but is negotiable to get the right person for the job. Ideally they'd like a clinician with some sort of neurological background (could be ABI, stroke, Motor Neurone etc.) but they'll look at anyone who has really strong operational/people-management skills. Unless someone is already managing an absolute minimum of 80 staff they're going to struggle to make the leap up...ex OF3 or OF4 would be around the right level I guess.

I am advertising this job purely as a favour for the recruiting agency concerned, as they are sniffing about for ex-military, but if you're interested and would like their contact details then PM me and I'll send them to you.

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