Opputunities to specialise in the Rifles?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by callum13, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey all, first post 8O , Im in the Process of joining the Rifles ( well just applied really! ) and i am wondering could i choose to be put into the 1st Battalion commando one if i wanted or do i just get slotted where their is an empty space :D , also i am wondering could i specialise in mountain leader or survival instructor in the rifles?

    Cheers guys :arrow:

    also if i sound waltish/serious etc just give me a good slagging not good on these forums

    better ? :)
  2. Very poor wah indeed, i wouldnt bother.
  3. WAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
  4. You could ask to specialise as a Track Pad within Armd Inf. Althought you must be willing to travel, and be able to work under pressure
  5. Quite probably.
  6. 1st Bn are currently taking over the DS slots at CTC, so there should be plenty of opportunities to fill in.
  7. To the hole surely?????
  8. OK,Where? This should be interesting...........
  9. AIUI its to raise the profile of the Rifles within the Marine world quicker than by relying on 1st Bn completing the Commando course.

    I recalll that the Booties where going to deny any sharp-end role to Rifles, assuming that they would not be of the calibre required.
    Somebody has decided that this approach - assimilation? - will be a quicker way to get a proper working relationship.
  10. I am not familiar with AIV/U(?) but i am very very very familiar with RM training methodology.

    PS. This is not a bite at you I am just curious.

  11. What, are you saying that the Rifles are taking over from the Training teams at CTC? :?
  12. = As I Understand It.

    I gather that the slots will be filled "bottom up"; Junior Command Course ( ? ) first, and as those guys gain experiance of the Marine training needs / methodology they'll then be taking Senior Command Course slots. That way, the Rifles guys will be training Marine and Army NCOs and being seen to be part of the teeth side of the Commando world. I think the basic Recruit training will remain as is. Army guys will be slotting in when somebody withdraws from CTC due to eg. end of tour.

    It actually makes sense to me.

    Not sure what happening about the Officer side, though; anyone care to comment?

  13. BB, how can you put guys onto a training team if they've not done the course themselves?

    Does that mean that the RM NCO's will no longer get breaks from Ops, one of the great points of RM training is that the guys teaching you have gone through all the hoops themselves first.

    Also remember that part of the JCC and SCC involves Cdo tests (again), so will the Rifles guys do the Commando course and get the Green Beret first? They will need to do this at least to set a benchmark, you cannot teach something you have never experienced.

    Are you also going to start running the All Arms course?

    Where are you going to get all these NCO's from, will the Rifles stop being Operational?

    Finally.... unless you do the All Arms at least how can the guys from the Rifles expect to intergrate with the RM, remember this isn't the Small Arms School, screaming and shouting will probably leave them severly embarrassed as instructors.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit negative but having been a "Bootie" for 30 yrs it all sounds a bit half arsed.

    As to the YO side of life again, your trainers will have to be up to the Standard (Physically ands mentally) to keep up with the various tests.

    I have a funny feeling this could be a bit of a bite.............I really hope it is.

  14. BB, sorry but this is not the case. Rifles will become the 4th manouvre Unit for 3 Cdo Bde, they will not be involved at all in any training roles and will be attached for as long as needed. Wether or not you do the Cdo course is up to your bosses, as for a whole Batt.......with a 50-60% failure rate for recruits not a hope! The Corps would also have to shut CTC for a least 6 months to get you all through, and we couldn't afford to stop our own training.
  15. Timex

    There are already some Rifles blokes who wear daggers.

    I'd assume that the JNCOs amongst these blokes will be first in line for the Army Handover slots; like I said, it'll be the Junior course first.