Opps, another leaked email

The Navy are looking into the use of official email to disseminate personal views.
Oh, great. I doubt if any of the recipients can have imagined that the views were anything other than personal observations.
At least this time there won't be the need of a witch hunt by the SIB
At least this time there won't be the need of a witch hunt by the SIB

Is this news? Does the public really believe that the government remain committed to AFG? I don't think the public do think that. The government are committed only to cutting the public sector spend and consequently we have, and will have for the forseeable future, a declining defence capability. The government will become committed to easy scores and quick fixes not long, expensive attritional conflicts, regardless of whether or not they are in the national interest.
Big sense of humour failure this morning in the usual places.

Political support for Afghan campaign has 'departed stage left' | UK news | The Guardian

Shame, bloody good bloke to work with.
Well somebody along the line, doesn't agree with you, that he was/is a good bloke!

His email was leaked.....by someone who has it in for the bloke!

Nothing like a good backstabbing, to let you know who your friends are!

Jobsworths in Main Building?.....I'd have never believed it!
Captain Andy Aspden is the only bloke who has had the balls to tell the truth ..... Good drills that man.
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