Opportunity of Higher Surgical Training in RAMC

I wonder if anybody can help, I try to ask these questions. So far I dont have any reply from official channel. (no reply from email, emailed them 6 weeks ago (address through "live chat"); been to local office, the staff try their best, said would ring back--> nothing; ring them -->no one answer the phone (two phone numbers from local office and "live chat"). I completed my core surgical training, done relevant courses, passed relevant exams. I am currently in my last year of postgraduate research degree (MD), presented in conferences. Been in the Officer Training Corps in the past. I am looking to join Army and want to seek Higher surgical training post (so call ST or specialty reg etc.). I aware not many of these posts in the army so competition is stiff. I wonder: 1. How many post(s) usually available each year (especially in next 2-3 years, I aware I need to do a stretch as RMO/GDMO)? 2. How long will the GDMO/RMO post will be for someone completed their basic specialty training? 3. Any (and What are) other selection criteria for gaining this post (beside the known MMC gold guide selection criteria, which I meet almost all of them already) 4. What is the competition rate to get this post? 5. What is the procedure to apply such post, especially any requirement of senior rank recommendation ?(in NHS, you just need to fill in the form online) I will only say I am in my early 30s now, time is not on my side. I would not want to waste a RAMC post and I am not keen to join the army to be trained as GP (pure personal preference, no offense intended ) or leave the army after spend few years and gain no career progression. I will be grateful if somebody can give me some advices or point me to right direction.
Many thanks for pointing that out. I have tried to put my post in paragraphs, but I have no success. I wonder if this is due to my browser settings. ( I still cannot put sentences in paragraphs in this post)
There are more opportunities than GP. Because of my injuries I've seen many military consultants, covering a wide range of specialities.

What are you wanting to specialise in?
you do not do a stretch as a GDMO if are in speciality training.
The competition for these posts is high you are effectively competing against existing officers.
If you wanted to join contact the RAMC directly and speak to Col Miller.
My advice is join the TA.

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