Opportunity for TA Royal Signals Personnel in IT

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CQCQCQ, Sep 29, 2006.

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  1. [align=center]The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists Journeyman Scheme (for TA Royals Signals Officers and Soldiers who are also IT professionals)[/align]

    The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) is one of the newer of London’s Livery companies and like all of the livery companies is keen to develop links with both society and the services through both charitable giving and in the WCIT’s case especially by knowledge/skills transfer and mentoring. The WCIT already sponsors an apprentice award for Regular Army apprentices and a prize for IT courses for Regular Officers at RMCS Shrivenham. The council of the WCIT have decided to generate links into the TA Royal Signals and have now allocated an extra 12 places for TA Royal Signals personnel on their IT Journeyman Scheme to go along with the 6-8 Journeyman places awarded annually to civilians.
    The scheme gives a successful applicant three years of close mentoring from a member of the WCIT, leading to, in most cases, a Freedom of the WCIT. The mentors will be true IT industry leaders, at the top of their game, who will be able to add advice all the way along the Journeyman’s career throughout those three years. This is a fantastic scheme that should benefit the TA Volunteer Journeyman, his/her civilian employer and the TA in equal measure and should for the TA lead to increased motivation, utility and retention.
    Places on this scheme are open to TA Royal Signals personnel of any rank who work in the Information Technology industry as their civilian employment, and are aged between 23-35 (personnel who are 21+ may apply and exceptionally be accepted on to the scheme). Volunteers from the IT industry outside of that age bracket are of course free to apply for Freeman membership of the WCIT in the usual way. Regular Royal Signals personnel are likewise encouraged to compete for Journeyman places outside of this ring fenced TA scheme but with similar benefits. There is a membership fee of around £100 per year and a joining fee of around £100; the individual, his/her civilian employer or his/her unit can meet these.
    All scheme documentation is available via a PM.

    Qualifications Required
    • An honours degree, or equivalent, and at least two years experience in IT, or
    • A Modern Apprenticeship in IT and at least three years experience in IT, or
    • Work experience in IT with achievements indicating equivalent learning and capabilities to the above, or
    • Recommendation of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists Freedom Committee to apply to participate in the scheme

    Applications to join the WCIT Journeyman Scheme from eligible TA personnel wanting to take up the scheme are encouraged. Details via a PM, through The Wire (December issue), or on the 36 Sigs Public Armynet Community from next week
  2. Any chances of sliding the age range a little - one year would do? :D
  3. Sorry I am just passing on the info, I doubt it. The WCIT would be keen to get potential members rather than journeyman if you are too old (I am assuming that you are older than 35 rather than younger than 21!) http://www.wcit.org.uk will give you all the info you need for membership.
  4. I have an HND and BSc in IT, I’ve been working in industry for the past 3yrs, I’ve been in the TA the past 2yrs.
    I’m not currently with the Rsigs but I’m looking to transfer in the new year.

    Is this scheme available to me now or would I have to wait until I’ve rebadged?
  5. Look in your PMs
  6. So I'd have to be quick if I decided to apply (10 years in medical informatics - 18 years TA)
  7. Visit their site and/or give them a ring. I'm too old too!
  8. Details and all forms now on ArmyNet in 36's area here
  9. Can a regular join if he commands a TA Regt - 37 for example?
  10. I've PM'ed you.
  11. A reminder that this scheme is still open for personnel of all ranks working in IT and members of the TA Royal Signals.