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Hi guys been absent from these pages for some time but those who know me may be interested to know that I am still interested to hear from 22 year time served supervisories who have not been or dont want to be selected for commission but want to be in uniform and change their lifestyle contact me at gesopflo@gmail.com
Pretty straight forward chaps. If you are a R SIGNALS supervisor, bailing out at the 22 year point and interested into adapting to the antipodean culture (specifically NZ) and delivering CIS wearing a different uniform then get in touch with chalkntalk. I would bite his hand off if Mrs PD would come with me, but sadly not.
Wonder if they're interested in R SIGNALS supervisors who are not yet near their 22 year point?
From what I hear, the pace of life is slightly different in NZ, including slightly less meteoric promotion stats than many of our Corps have enjoyed on the supervisory rosters. I also think that pay is a bit more modest and, although this is just my speculation, it therefore probably suits those with a pension coming in already. Expectation management and all that.

I do think that you are right to be looking for options though, given all that nonsense with PD6 and the fact that many young thrusting supervisors have all of a sudden got a wait of 5 or 6 years before they can pick up their next rung on the ladder. I'll employ you when my massive evil empire gets under way.
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