I enclose a link that may be of interest to you and your RBL or ABF Branch.

At a lunch on Friday I had a long chat with a WO2 who left the Army , was bored with civvy street and then rejoined.

He is now with the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) and he indicated that, for example, homeless ex-servicemen and women who miss military life ought to be encouraged to get back on the rails and join the MPGS.

The MPGS is a Tri-Service unit and is keen to recruit people who have been out of the services for, say, 10 years. The minimum requirement for signing on is one year. My chum stressed the welfare opportunities
that this offers unhappy ex-Service personnel,including homeless ex-servicemen, who left the Army, Navy or RAF with good records, and that welfare workers in the RBL, Regimental Benevolent Funds and ABF should consider directing ex-Service personnel back into uniform in the MPGS.

I gather that there may be openings for TA or ex-TA personnel who are willing to join the Service
on a full-time contract.

More information can be found at:


Please spread the word in your RBL Branch!

I tried about ten years ago. I went to the ACIO and was fobbed off. The bloke hadn't even heard of the MPGS and thought I meant MoD Guard Service. I wrote a letter to the MPGS and received no reply. Then the requirement was for no more than a three year gap between discharge and re-enlistment. I'd been out for around six if I remember, so no cigar. Now it's ten? Guess what. Still no cigar. I'm 41 and have not seen regular service for 17 years. Anyhow, now my back & knees are fcuked I doubt if I'd be able to hack stagging on all day, and 17 years' worth of cynicism would probably make me unemployable anyway. Ho hum.

Bitter of Warrington.

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