Opportunities for P-Coy

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpt_Darling, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm in the RAuxAF and find there is a lack of courses that our CoC are willing to get us onto, and little in the way of encouragement etc, also for the great personal challenge I would like to get myself onto P-Coy.So that basic question is, is there any chance of non TA personnel getting onto TA P-Coy?
  2. Can't you get on an FTRS engagement with the RAF Regt Airborne types?

    If not, then im guessing the answer will be no.

    As far as i know slots are issued to soldiers within an airborne roled unit only, especially with the TA.


    W-60 (As usual standing by to be corrected)
  3. If its that bad, why not leave and join 4 Para?
  4. I know we currently have bids in for P Coy at that minute, but as mentioned above, I'd say it's heavily to do with the fact that we're tasked within 16AA if called up/mobilised/volunteer.
  5. Its an option I'm seriously considering, but I'm not leaving till I get Bounty and back-pay!

    And I'll make sure to keep quiet about my RAF Regt past!
  6. Did you ever do those section battle drills?
  7. See if your CoC will attach you to an airborne unit for a year or so. That way you maybe able to do PCoy and more importantly the jumps course afterwards. Doing P Coy isnt the problem (well except passing it) you need to have an airborne role to get to 1BPS. You could also go for selection with them, your CoC cant stop that.
  8. Oh yes Mark, did a 2week battle course a week before my potential call up date, much more confident on that front now!!


    Apart from a call up with II Sqn (and even then I wouldn't do P-Coy) can I be attached to an Army unit>Bearing in mind I have no FAC capability.Also think "them" is beyond me.Nutters they are :D
  9. It's (P Coy) going to be more than twenty minutes :)
  10. I'm just chuckling to myself with the thought of you deploying with 2 sqn and you as a reservist being the only one with real para wings. :lol:

    That ought to put a few noses out of joint.
  11. They may go up diddly up up, but thier still gits!

    Thats the idea mark, if Im going to put myself through a beasting(and theres no doubt 2sqn para is a beasting) it might as well be the best there is.

    Giant pigs seen flying over Ulster!!!!

    The P Coy carrot has been dangled over us for years as a way of drawing potential recruits, yet when said recruits make enquiries, certain ears fill up with cotton wool. If you read the recruitment literature, it says "We offer the prospect of P Coy" - not actually offering P Coy itself but a prospect of it - i.e. we can f*ck you off but still sound good. If the bids are in AND accepted, I'll eat my caubeen.

    Not having a go at you Gaz, just this cracks me up. No wonder the RMR have no dramas recruiting in Belfast - they deliver on their promises.
  13. No, it IS available and they are actively putting names forward. That's all we can ask of the CoC. Pretty sure the CoC in our place wouldn't fcuk over the PSIs so much as have them running about looking names for it otherwise :)

    Just realised the relation of certain letters of your username and your real name ;) Fcuk me, you have the same doom and gloom attitude here as you do on ArmyNet :D
  14. Cool - hopefully they can deliver on effective beat-up training prior to sending lads across too.

    Mind you passing P Coy is one thing, getting jumps to attain wings is another - we work with some lads from 216 out here & most of them are penguins; some for more than a year or so. If a regular unit can't get jumps, what would be the chances of our lot getting them?