Opportunities for old f*rts?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jorrocks, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. I´m 44 years old, left the army after a 21 year Reg C four years ago. Professionally, I´m very happy as a civi but I have a hankering to wear green again and bore people younger than me. I live full time in Madrid, but I have a fairly flexible boss. Are there any opportunities in the TA for someone like me? I was RAC, sq and an army pilot (´90 - ´93, no longer current).
  2. There must be something in Gibraltar ?.
  3. Thanks Wiffler, that´s a possibility I hadn´t thought of, but in fact, it´s probably easier to get to UK from Madrid than it is to Gib. Also, I would like to use it as an excuse to spend a bit more time in UK seeing friends and family.
  4. They have just started running flights from Madrid to Gib, apparently!!
  5. (this space left blank for spontaneous sarky comment about not being any use the first time around but brain is fogged due to excess of toast and lime marmalade)
  6. I belong to a specialist unit. We have to my certain knowledge at least one person who lives in Europe (France) and travels to the UK for training, for camp and the two weekends. I don't know if they get called forward for other training.

    In theory its perfectly possible to live in aEU member state and still be in the TA.

  7. Stop trying to get him to join the Fraggles!

    Jorrocks old boy, I think that any TA unit would welcome someone with your experience and the enthusiasm to get involved. The commitment for an officer in an independent unit, however, is high (50-80 days) and your location would not be an assistance.

    I would suggest that you look at some of the specialist pools of officers eg CVHQ and all arms watchkeepers pool. The commitment would be less but would give you the opportunity to get involved with regular exercises.
  8. Of course if you were an Army pilot 666 Sqn AAC (V) at Netherhaven might be interested too - as pilots I believe they have a fair amount of flexibility - but I could be wrong - worth a call though especially if you were Gazelle.

    Just a thought - Good luck

  9. Try CVHQ(RA) at Woolwich. They have a specialist pool and a watchkeepers' pool - the wkprs are all-arms. The watchkeepers' nominal role is to be assigned to a regular HQ to stag on as required, but there is in fact a wide variety of training, courses & funnies available to do. Many of the more switched-on HQs recognise that these old TA majors are fairly experienced - not least in civvie business terms - and in fact a lot more useful in roles other than J3 watchkeeping. Commitment is flexible, because the watchkeepers basically get to bid for whichever excercise happens to be trawling for assistance at the time the watchkeeper can attend. Several of the watchkeepers have been or are based overseas, but able to get back to UK and complete their MTDs.
  10. CVHQ, the PIO (Media Ops) and the Linguist pool are all options - not to mention that odd bunch at Minley who help former enemies to build nice things so they can burn them down again!
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions. Baz, I was Gazelle, but I´m way too uncurrent for 666 to be interested, much as I would like to.

    Some of the other options look interesting - I´ll look into it.

    Butler, how many times do I have to tell you, get back behind the green baize door! Haven´t you got some silver to polish?
  13. Jorrocks- I'm in CVHQ Watchkeepers Pool - pm me and I'll give you tel nos and who to contact. It's a good organisation.