oppertunities for p coy

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by parapricey, May 30, 2008.

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  1. hello all

    im currently going through my application to join the paras( last interview to be exact) and i was just wondering if u didnt pass selection for para ie 9.30 or under but u passed 4 the regular infantry is there anyway you can still undergo p company and become a paratrooper after phase 2 , or is that it if u fail. I ask this because im curious and i know that u will probebly say IF U WANT PARA GO GET PARA AND NOTHING ELSE but its one of those questions that i need answerd lol

  2. The Foot Guards have the Guards Independant Parachute Platoon which is part of D Coy(I think) 3 Para.

    We've had people pass P Coy and get posted there almost straight out of training.

    16AAB also have a line regiment who have people do P Coy, they also do their JNCO cadre at Household Division Parachute Regiment Combined Courses.
  3. ALL UNITS IN 16AAB can do 'P'Coy if they wish, but thanks to JPA there are limited 'PARA' paid slots in some of these units!
  4. I thought his post was reffering to opertunities to do P Coy within the Inf which is why i left CS and CSS units out
  5. If he is unsuccessful at Catterick, there are other options, so just setting the record straight.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about your run time. When I got Catterick at the start of my Para course some of the run times were hideous 10.24 I think was the worst. Pft at the beginning of week 13 though everybody will be under 9.30. You should aim to get around 9.30 on selection though, just don't walk at any point no matter how much your hanging.
  7. From what I read on these posts about P Company, It seems that everyone is worried about the 1.5 miler.

    That is only one of the many tests and also THE EASIEST out of the lot.

    Some on here seem to think that by passing this girly run, that they'll pass P Company.................Not True!

    Fitness, mental resilience and the right Attitude will see you through!

    Jack men which are the great majority will be RTU'd :cry: