Opperational tour to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by grunt123, May 27, 2009.

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  1. I m going to join preety soon after a 8 year gap, i m wanting to go on a tour to afghanistan for 6 months and have the following question: -

    1. How long am i looking at to get trained, what time frame am i looking at for infantry?

    2. How difficult is it for TA to get place on op tours to afghan?

    3. Whats it like over there, anyone who has been there i d like to hear the crack?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Did you mean 8 year gap or 8 years old? Jesus man, learn to spell and expand your vocab to slightly beyond that of a samehead!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Which part of "after a 8 year gap" did you not understand?

  4. Post your bank account & sort code details here and I'll transfer the answers before 1700. cheers.
  5. Pretty funny, is there only you three guys on here, whenever i post a question your the ones who reply.
  6. Had to double take that this wasn't a case of identity theft at first! 8O
    I have just re-joined myself after an 8 year gap and am re-doing basic training now (infantry):
    1A: I started my re-training in January and will go to Catterick in October. however, I missed one weekend so my mates will go in June :evil: . There are, however, some 'summer camps' in some parts of the UK where you can do it all in one 'hit' of several weeks (search under midlands challenge or similar for further info).
    2A They will tell you that you WILL deploy to Afghanistan/ Korea/ Iran / Pakistan (delete as applicable depending on which News thread you read on here), when you first join. We are no longer the force of last resort!
    3A Can't answer that as yet, but I am working my arse off at Phys' etc to try to make me as employable on the front line as possible, rather than get stuck at a VCP/ sangar at Bastion if at all possible.
    Hope this helps and good luck! :)
  7. well to be honest you did leave yourself open for the ripping which you will undoubtedly receive

  8. How i leave myself open to ripping, 8O, just asking a question 8O, about serving my country 8O.
  9. Hey Mate, Your local TAC will be able to answer all these questions in so much detail, have you been along yet,also am a bit surprised that you have not found out for yourself these questions, the individual TA sites are so informative now.
    Also why are you desperate to get out there, when you clearly ,by your post, know nothing about it.
    Are you for real ?
  10. Your spelling? LOL :p (You can tell I'm not a Para)
  11. oldcult, thanks for the serious advice, most aprechiated.
  12. If that's an 8 year gap from the reg's then depending on your previous employment and rank they'll tell you what they need you to do.

    My gut feeling is that you'll have to start from scratch. You'll keep your number, but that's about it. Things have changed a huge amount in 8 years.

    If you are not working, and there are condensed courses available, then if you hurry up you might be able to do everything in 6 months. but don't hold your breath! :)

    If you want a tour, talk to the PSI's, if they think you are capable, then they'll set everything in motion.

    Not sure I can comment on the last bit, everybody's tour is different.

    good luck
  13. Oh right the spelling, lol, yeah i m sorry guys, i can take a joke though.
  14. Skimmod, thanks great advise, yes i m not working right now so doing one of those residential courses would suit me right now.
  15. To be fair, these are the very type of questions that Arrse members excel at answering and Arrse is here for. A fantastic amount has changed in the 8 years we've been out so I don't think that these are bone questions (the only daft question is the question you don't ask etc.) and last, but not least, I can only speak for myself and the many mates I have made in the TA over the years (as well as a good few regulars) and say that we all train to do a job which is, essentially, closing with and killing the enemy. If we did not relish the opportunity to test our mettle/ training we should not be joining in the first place. That being said, there is a famous quote that goes "war is delightful to those who have no knowledge of it." (Erasmus, I think) :wink: