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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by simpsonp, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. I am applying to join the army, with OPMI as one of my three job choices.

    I have, until now, thought that whilst on phase 2 training, I would be allocated married quarters.

    Today I read the post which says -

    "Phase 2 is long....... If you are married you will not be allocated an MQ."

    My question is, what have others who are married done with their families during this period?

  2. They have:

    a) Left them, like when on Ops!

    b) Denied their existence and knobbed a troll from 6A (add 21stC equivalent)

    c) Contemplated the logistical realities of service life and got on with it nonetheless,

    d) Chosen a different career

    e) Kicked up a fuss over abuse of their Article 8 rights.

    To my knowledge option e) has not yet been used, but no doubt some Throbber who has been told all his sad life that he is the centre of the Universe, will soon feck it up for everyone!
  3. ...or f: Rent a flat near chicksands.
  4. Perhaps if you had posted this question on the intended thread, the answers would have remained at the top in sticky. Adding value to a body of information that has grown over 8 years. By posting outside sticky, you have rapidly consigned the topic to history.

    Not a behaviour one would hope to find in an Op MI ( at least one who came from the side that shares intelligence)
  5. Sub, wrong side of the bed this morning?
  6. Out of Bed?

    Like Brian from the Manor, I still sleep on the floor in my maggot after 30 years.
  7. You forgot the house bricks, black bin liner and empty can for his roll ups there Sub ! :D
  8. You will have your weekends free to travel home. Well ALMOST every weekend and most of the time you will finish before 3 on a Friday giving you time to travel.

    Pretty sure you will never swing renting out as a Phase 2 recruit. How far away do you live?
  9. simpsonp - if you can explain to me why this question doesn't belong in the stickies (which are there for that exact purpose)... then i'll unlock your thread.

    please ask it again in the appropriate place. :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.