Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone substantiate a rumour that the Int Corps is actively recruiting transferees from a certain trade group within the Royal Corps of Signals? I have heard that Royal Signals Manning and Records are “encouraging” soldiers in a certain trade to seek a transfer to the Int Corps. I am curious as to which Corps could have instigated this, if true; whether it be by mutual agreement, or is the Int Corps once again picking up the flotsam and jetsam of the Signals.

    This leads on to the question, is the Int Corps planning to expand its sphere of influence even further? I have heard the term OPMI (R) used, albeit jokingly, on more than one occasion.
  2. I'm having a brain fart, what does the R stand for? Never heard this romour myself.
  3. As i'm currently working with our scaley friends, i can confirm that this rumour is doing the rounds of both capbadges, although we'd heard that this particular signals trade was going to be moved wholesale into the Corps. However, several SNCO's in the trade, when questioned, have stated that this is a load of old b***ocks, and that it has a good few years left in the Signals. That said, some of the more forward looking JNCO's that i know are thinking about transferring, as the job that they do and the job that certain Corps units do are converging rapidly.
  4. I don't believe that the Signals are prepared to let the trade go without a fight - certainly not soon anyway.

    The Int Corps will (naturally) always aspire to grow in size and dominance of its field. However, whilst there are people on both sides who disagree on the future of the trade, you may have to be content with other developments.
  5. ...history tells us that in this domain that Intention and Capability have never been able to match

    ...six months at cosford anyone???.....

    lions lead by < transeree> donkeys :oops:
  6. Ahem. A transferee writes...

    Some DE officers and overpromoted DE WOs were not exactly a shining example either.
  7. OPMI (Radio)

    That'll be the ever-popular Supvr (R)'s putting up a legitimate case to justify their existence. Why is it they are only allowed to supervise radios?
  8. This doesn't strike me as a particularly good idea. The (L) side of things, because of its original joint status (Op(EW)) was always much more int-focused. The (R) side of things is very artisan, still and a number of the roles performed by that trade are not a good fit for the Corps.

    The cultural contrast is fairly extreme at the senior level....
  9. Can't say if it is true ar not, but it has to be one of the best methods of getting the "Supe's Mafia" spluttering into their brews. It would be nice to take away the powerbase of one of the nastiest, most spineless, back-stabbing............................actually, they might fit in better than first thought :?
  10. [/quote]

    That'll be the ever-popular Supvr (R)'s putting up a legitimate case to justify their existence. Why is it they are only allowed to supervise radios?[/quote]

    I met a dyslexic one once - he was known as the Supervisor (Dario)-some of them shouldn't be allowed to supervise an empty cardboard box!!!
  11. But of course the Int Corps would do it so much better! IMHO you are welcome to the trade, but I am sure that the same problems would affect you as well?

    If you are so keen to absorb them - why don't you go ahead and take them?
  12. This has been floating round the loop for a while now, even where i am at the momment working in a slime unit! Not heard of the trade title though!
  13. I’m not sure that the Int Corps intentionally went looking to absorb the trade; rather the Royal Signals doesn’t have a defined use for it any longer. The Int Corps may have seen this as an opportunity to expand its influence. Clearly the Royal Signals wants to keep its oily pinkie in the int pie, but they do not appear to be considering the interests of their junior tradesmen. The MCM Div can’t just keep putting young LCpl’s into storage in Pembrokeshire.
  14. I think the trade members know that their time is numbered, purely because of changes in the way they work. Although that delightful regiment in Pembrokeshire appears to be run for the benefit of that trade, when on ops things soon change. The logical step would seem to be to train up the lingiusts (whose job on the regiment is very similar to that of the trade in question) a bit more, and do away with the trade altogether. The writing is on the wall, as the trade has more personnel than needed, and the majority go to spend most of their time sweeping hangers in west Wales. What odds a CO of that regiment in the near future being Int Corps? It is us who are the important part down there when alls said and done. :D
  15. I am not sure that I agree with your first point - I think that the Int Corps has aspired to absorb the trade for a very long time. As for the Royal Signals no longer having a defined use for the trade, again I am not sure that I agree. The trade is employed in (broadly speaking) three areas. The area that we are referring to here is by far the smallest user of the trade. Therefore it might be more logical to see a split within the trade, with only a small proportion moving across?

    I think that the CO of the unit would disagree that they are being put into 'storage', he is actually the largest employer of them. How much of their skills they utilise on a daily basis is a different matter. However, you can not expect to be in a deployable unit and have everyone else maintain the vehs, do PT, sweep the garages etc. They are all supposed to be soldiers first - not a special group of individuals that are looked after by others. Out of interest if the unit/trade became Int Corps, who would do the mundane jobs?

    A very, very remote possibility, I would suggest. Unless the CO of one of the MI Bns becomes Royal Signals!

    Of course it is - just keep repeating it to yourself! :lol: