Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Holden_McCrotch, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. What is the OPMI 1 like now?

    Long time lingerer and new poster.

    What is the new course like. I have had many 'in my day...' but what is it like now? Is it better for making OP INT and CI BOTH compulsary?

    Can units cope with personnel away so long? Is it worth it? What are the forum's thoughts? Ultimately we should all have experience of both Corps disciplines but is it necessary or possible?
  2. and which part of the directorate do you work in, sir / ma'am? :)
  3. Ah CR...

    Guess again...

    I am doing my research. I have asked to attend t'OMPI1 and have been told T'unit might not be able to spare me. What are everyone's thoughts?

    how is it different from the old A1 that all you old'n'bold attended?

    The cadre for example is rather different...?
  4. My advice may be well beyond it's sell-by date.

    First: why are you asking to attend this course? Have you not been called forward to attend by APC? IIRC the system decides who needs to do the course, as opposed to individuals deciding it might me fun to attend.

    If you are due to attend, MCM div or whatever they are called now, might be especially interested to hear that your unit is unable to release you for a Career course. This constraint on your professional development will need to be recorded in writing at your mid-year appraisal.

    There are but a few examples where this type of deferrment is permitted in AGAIs /DINs. You will of course be getting a copy of the letter that your Unit is sending to APC, explaining the operational exingencies are keeping you from this course. APC will doubtelss write back with reassurances over your protected seniority?
    If OP MI 1 is still a pre-qualification course, there is the thorny question of POHR you might also miss out on.

    If you have already been nominated to do this course, the bottom line is that you must urgently re-address this with your CoC before it becomes a topic of conversation on an internet forum. The next thing you know Mick Smith will run it in the Sunday Times!

    ( Perhaps you meant to post this on T'Armynet, and posted here by mistake?)
  5. well, i don't believe i am particularly "old and bold" compared to some of the contributors on here... but i did my A1 in early 96.

    in those days, the course consisted of both Int & Sy (CI) phases, as well as a week of IT Sy. i think everyone in the corps should be au fait with both core disciplines, and am occasionally bemused by the apparent dichotomy between espoused positions: "broad career profile, enhanced employability" vs "HUMINT is everything", early specialisation, distancing from the mainstream etc.

    if it's now gone back to compulsory int & CI modules, i suspect most of the more experienced would see this as a return to the old ways / reinventing the wheel and going back to something which seemed to work in the past.

    as for the unit being able to "spare" you for a career course... can you clarify, were you loaded on the course or are you trying to get it done early? if you've been selected to attend, i would be very surprised if the unit can't live without you. that's not an insult, just a reflection of the importance of getting your career courses done ASAP. but if you're trying to jump the queue, any particular reason you should take the place of someone senior to you? is the course undermanned?

    are you on ops? if not, i'd be surprised if you genuinely can't be spared. in 95/96 when bosnia manning was at its peak, we had busy UK security sections manned by a single lance-jack or full screw (plus civvy clerk).

    out of interest, how is the cadre element different from what we used to do?

    and as for this question:

    ... i'm speechless! :)
  6. The TDT are conducting a Gap Analysis between the A1 and the Op MI 1. The review will not be complete until Q4 09. Key findings are that the Op MI1 excells due to the faster rail journey into London on Wednesday and Friday.

    The A1 competes in other areas such as proximity to Canterbury, especially after lock-ins after 2am. The re-introduction of the 1 week APR module is a must IMHO, essential to include extra periods on scaling and mensuration.
  8. If you're not pre-selected for promotion to Sgt, I wouldn't worry too much about the OPMI 1....just yet anyway!
  9. devex - three years on this site and you still haven't mastered the "quote" button :)
  10. I try and then, when I've got my breath back, I try again.
  11. I never did an A1 for the simple reason that they had this daft (but personally beneficial) system where if you passed what they historically referred to as a "SPEC Q" then you were exempt the labourious A1. As a junior CPL at the time, I personally felt thankful that a 12 week OP and CPS Course spared me that pain. I think they binned that concept shortly after 1989 because far too many individuals like me were trying to take the easy route!!!
  12. Interesting point by Piglet_files that in previous iterations, personnel were able to bypass the OPMI concept by qualifying in one of the 'specialist' disciplines. At least with this new idea (albeit already done many years ago) everybody gets an 'A1' qual in both OPMI disciplines regardless of their current employment.

    Maybe in the future, Section WO2''s who have been employed elsewhere will have an idea what OPMI is about.
  13. Yep. Last thing you want in a specialist Corps is specialists.
  14. even specialists need the basics mate.

    although we all know examples of those who don't think this principle applies to them ;)
  15. Spec Qs getting you out of the course was still the way at least until 2004, when I did an SQ 1.