opium production

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by kyale.b, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. can someone tell me why the west most powerfull armys are in the world’s biggest opium producer and we are not doing anything about it or are we i dont know hints why im asking
  2. You are asking some strange questions today - slow news day is it ??
  3. sorry what???
  4. kyale.b

    Please hurry up and contract something terminal
  5. English not your first language ?
  6. im posting random questions today because im bord and just thinking up some shit to post as iv nothing to do (no work till the 5th) and why are people getting wound up over some spelling mistakes and some outhere questions which hurt no one for asking
  7. You are a product of the Labour education system.

    Spelling, grammar and punctuation are things that you know nothing about.
  8. if you are bored why not ask your baby daughter for some spelling lessons
  9. I may not know much about Spelling, grammar and punctuation but what i do know is how to run a mile and a half in 9 mins , fit and change an engine ,stay up for days on end and how to box 12 rounds flat out not to mention drink about 10 pints. NOT all at the same time

    so where you you see the the glass half empty i see it half full.lol
  10. I do know a litle something about Opium production in Afhanistan as i was we wher told about it quit lot in later life in school just wanted to talk about somethin outher than whos got the best gash or whats on your kit list .i know i started some werdo topics hay just trying to fit in as the new guy lol
  11. Bloody hell, when you're typing and a red line comes under the word it means it is NOT spelt correctly or have you got a broken keyboard?