Opium for the people: Extraordinary move to legalise poppy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    The 'IoS' can reveal Tony Blair is considering calls to legalise poppy production in the Taliban's backyard. The plan could cut medical shortages of opiates worldwide, curb smuggling - and hit the insurgents
    By Francis Elliott
    Published: 01 April 2007

    The buds of millions of poppy flowers are swelling across Afghanistan. In the far southern provinces bordering Iran, the harvest will start later this month. By mid- May the fields around British military camps in Helmand will be ringing to the sound of scythes, rather than gunfire.


    One can only hope this is a vanishingly rare outbreak of common sense and not an April Fool....

  2. Wasn't this a proposition originally floated by you back in the dim distant MSR?

    I did expand on it elsewhere. Do we get a GEMS? :D

    Seriously though, if this is true, we can win the peace in Afghanistan. The knock-on effects would be tremendous.

    Perhaps it's going to be the cornerstone of an announcement by the new Prime Minister?
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. I didn't realise said erstwhile ARRSE'r and member of the FANY was illegal in the first place.

    But do we need more of her, especially manufactured in Afghanistan? Surely one's enough...
  5. I've read this at least a half-dozen times now, Cappers, but I'm fücked if I understand what you're on about.

    Any chance of an explanation?

  6. Poppy - member of ARRSE and the FANY...
  7. Poppy - member of ARRSE and the FANY...
  8. Agree with you wholeheartedly. This would in one foul swoop deprive the Taliban of their money and alienate them from the farmers who would, I hope, get more money for their crop from purchases made for medicinal pruposes.
  9. A wah?
  10. Aah, thanks for that.

  11. India and Turkey have been doing ths for decades. How about punishing the users? or not throwing money at them?
  12. This could be a very rare outbreak of uncommon common sense - and highly effective realpolitik.

    Never mind that it logically undermines the law's opposition to those in UK who defy current law and grow cannabis etc. for medicinal purposes. They already have a good deal of public sympathy. And there's also the school of thought that regards the legalising of all drugs as a short way to stamping on the misery of the illegal drugs world.

    But I'm not so sure of Toby Ellwood's theory that legalised Afghan poppy-farmers could be gradually weaned off that crop onto other staples. What other harvest could ever be that profitable?

    A very interesting one . . .
  13. msr

    msr LE

    It worked in Turkey in the 1970s, so there is a model to follow.

  14. There is a shortage of dia morphine and its now considred the bench mark for pain control .(Diamorphine its not just for cancer :twisted: )
    The various atifical versions having just as many problems as morphine .
    So increasing the legal supply would be good.
    Legalise the lot with the proviso anyone supplying someone under the age of 18 gets burned at the stake .
  15. I've long been a proponent of making heroin freely available to registered users. Most crime relates to drugs of dependance, principally heroin I believe.

    Even just buying the opium from the Afghanis for medicinal purposes is so blindingly obvious that anyone with half a brain would have been doing it from the start.

    War on Drugs, War on Terror - more illegal drugs, more terrorists. Hmm....