opinions wanted!!

because i cant decide between the two lets have some opinions....

which regiment is most worth joinin..

welsh guards or para
Kiddo, you need to make your own decisions rather than putting them to a vote... do the homework... research their history and figure out which regiment fits your ideals the closest then drive on and be proud of it.
what colour beret suits you best?
i suppose one way around it is to join the guards then go for the guards para platoon
Both Regiments have a proud history, and both are full of proud men who made their own choice, I echo the sentiments of homework,research, and history, and maybe family links to any of the Regiments, After this,you will no doubt end up making a calculated decision of your own. Good luck with whoever you decide to serve with.
Be The Best if you can't make up your own mind how the hell are you going to survive in the forces. you have been asking the same thing for at least a month. sort yourself out.

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