Opinions please!

So i have been researching job choices on all kinds of websites
and i just can't decide what road i want to go down.
I have thought about the AAC but i have heard alot of bad things about
it. I have an interest in working with helicopters but its not a must
in my career choice.
Im just looking from some advice from people who have the experience.
I want to be a soldier and do 'soldier type things' so i was thinking
infantry is a safe bet. All opinions welcome and any help will be appreciated.


squiffy_parsons said:
If you want to fix choppers and on occasion do soldierly things join the AAC if on the other hand you want to be a soldier join the Infantry.
The REME do the fixing, so ignore the bollocks above.
well i have just been doing a bit of research and chatting online
and im thinking i want to go down the infantry road
i was thinking paras, can anyone shed some experience or advice on
this? what other infantry regiments should i maybe consider?
the RE offers a physical job, with a good deal of soldiering
well so i've heard from many Arrse posters
due to start basic :)
Walker89 said:
I want to be a soldier and do 'soldier type things'
If you want to do it on a day to day basis, then it is Inf or Armoured, no other choices.

The choice on which direction to go in Inf or Armoured is yet another question on another (probably the Inf or Armoured) thread
The Army has so many choices, you really need to narrow down the parameters a little, or you may (or may not, as it is too much hassle) get an opinion from every trade in the Army.

Do you want to work with vehicles? Armour? Do loads of running around holding ground and closing with the enemy (infantry, whatever flavour - para, mech, light, armoured)? Technical jobs (RE, R SIGS, REME, some RLC), Combat Support (Artillery - loads of jobs, RE)?

Narrow it down beyond "I Like DPM clothes, what job should I do?" and you may get more specific advice.
Read the Job Briefs on the Army website to gain more information
or as Bravo_Zulu said: Look on the Pathfinder application on www.armyjobs.mod.uk

oops, i've just read your post about a more 'personal' view
in that case, take the others advice in narrowing down your Job requirements
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