Opinions please!

Hello all, looking for some reasurance and a little local knowledge

Hubby and I (more him) have applied to nz army (hubby currently serving in brit army) we have been offered an interview both of us for this month in london hubby is a l/cpl in a critical trade they are recruting we are both in our 20's with a school age child with no equity we shall have savings of around £10000 behind us.

My questions has anyone been through the interview process - what should we expect?

Our reasons for emigrating are for our child (lifestyle, one schooling system etc)
less operational tours husband is currently looking at afghan every 2 years at least our child does not take it well when he is away.
To set up a life together long term buy house etc.

I have various experiance inc mod/fitness classes/admin will i struggle to get work??

What will the wages be like
are the quarters ok we have been told we are more than likely to go to trentham or linton if offered?
Will they let us know at interview if reccomending us for service
How long does it take to get PSO

Has anyone done this in a simillar situation??

Thank you in adavance
Where are you at Nato tato and don't say New Zealand
nato_tato said:
In the beautiful south (BMC).
So you're a Mexican then
Yes and it's great infact the whole of the country is great
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