Opinions please, CCF issues

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by barbarasson, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Oral Warning [no pun intended]

  2. Ban them from exercises for a year.

  3. Just kick him out

  4. Kick them both out

  5. Let the school handle it

  1. Last week I ran a patrolling exercise for my CCF section, 20 kids, loads of blank, all good clean fun, or so I thought...........

    It has come to my attention (and the school's) that a form lad shagged a girl during the night. As myself and another officer were kipped approx 10 metres from the cadets in centre of the harbour it means that they can only have done it when we were both a kip. This means it was between 0100 and 0400. Also it was baltic last week, well it would have been out of doss bag.

    Anyhow, what should I do? The school will presumably carry out it's sanction, but I feel I need to in terms of CCF. My fellow officer wants to boot them out. I want to at least ban them from exercises for a year. Has anyone had any experience of this? Any ideas? And no, promoting him for initiative is not an option!
  2. I am aware of legal implications, but that, in a sense is not my concern. The parents will find out. However, my school is crap at disciplining people, so we may well end up being the lead agency.
  3. Just copied this from the other thread...

    Considering that he has technically raped the girl (regardless of consent), I don't see how anything but kicking him out (and giving him a kicking around the back) can be justified IMHO.
    If the parents of the girl find out that he just got "told off", there will be hell to pay, and not just with him...
  4. She should be punished as well, would seem unfair to punish one and not the other.
  5. Agreed, you have to kick both out, so as to not to condone either's actions.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Copied from the other thread

    Adolescents and hormones are a dangerous mix. I know the law says 16 but you aren't going to stop them doing it so you may as well manage them rather than castigate and isolate them. A good proportion of the UK's 15 year olds are already at it anyway.

    I wouldn't kick them out - the school will deal with them and I bet the parents will too. If they are allowed to stay by them, you should allow them. They obvious need more lessons in fieldcraft if they got found out.

    A long face to face chat will be humiliating enough for them. You could have great fun here. Just make sure you tell the silly buggers not to get caught next time. :D

    You also have ICs for shitty jobs on the next camp. :twisted:

    edited once for clarity.
  7. What were you doing asleep?
  8. He is the older one, and the legal adult. There has to be some differentiation between punishments unless they are both simply kicked out. I'm personally rather glad I have my back covered with the exercise instructiuon which proves they must have gone to some lengths to creep out of the harbour to avoid detection. They weren't caught, but grassed up by another cadet to a f==king annoying teacher who will try to use this against the CCF, all of whom [officers] hate him. For instance I found out about this from another source, he didn't come to me.
  9. If it was my kids, especially the girl I would be wanting to have a word with the responsible adult in charge!
  10. In the personal or exercise sense? My contingent commander had an annoying habit of demanding we give them some rest. As the last patrol came in at midnight and they were all up at 0430 to do a pre-dawn raid raid, I felt I was working them hard enough!! Personally, I do like some kip too!
  11. Fortunately I can prove that the sneaky little sod and s;;g were just that. If even my contingent commander (RN, prat, I have complained about him at length at in other threads) is not concerned, then neither am I. We had a massive set to last week, and he would like a chance to prove me wrong, and even he sees we did everything reasonable.
  12. I get what you're saying, but my above comment (which was a little tongue in cheek) not with standing, shouldn't there have been an adult awake?

    Did the cadets have GPs? Were they all asleep or were there sentries out?

    Also, if some one in the platoon grassed on them. Did they REALLY do the deed or is it just make believe?

    Recommended punishment.

    Keep her in, for morale.

    Keep him in, for scoring.

    Kick Mr Snitch out for not being loyal to the Platoon.


    Seriously though, Neither should be kicked out, unless the parents want to withdraw them. I think this is being blown out of proportion. Yes, I know what it is legally, but it is just a couple of kids doing what is comeing all to naturally.

    Kicking them out achieves nothing, they need to be kept in where they can have structure and discipline, what is more they can be monitored.

    Are they going out together?
  13. All valid points Monsieur Frog. The snitch is to blame here. Ignorance is bliss. Good on the young 'uns for getting a shag. 15 yrs old eh? How tight must that sweet young snatch be? Lucky barsteward.

    Barbara are you sure you were asleep? One eye open and all that. Did you touch yourself? Bet you wish you were scaled for CWS / VIPER!

    Edited to correct the girls age. I had her down as 14 - wishful thinking!
  14. Sounds like it's a matter of hearsay, all based on one cadet's statement. Have the alleged culprit/victim confessed? Is there any independent evidence?

    Allegations of what is in effect "statutory rape" shouldn't be thrown around lightly.

    More digging for facts seems called for.
  15. Grassed up perhaps the wrong phrase. It perhaps a reflection of my opinion of the teacher who was told. The point being I have no reason to doubt the information.

    I will not be carrying out the 'investigation', as it will be dealt with at a school level I would imagine. My point is that I want to know what to do from a CCF point of view.

    As regards sleep, the loco parentis factor is the same as any school trip. Get them to kip, ensure they are in the correct locations, then get your head down. Just the same as if on any residential trip.

    Yes they had GPs. We also had 5 adults on the weekend, including CTT. To be frank the weapon angle is one that causes me most annoyance, as I'm sure they wouldn't have taken them with them on their nookie recce, and there wouldn't have taken a sentry with them.