Opinions on the RAF Regiment?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by brokenspud, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. I've hear many differing views on the RAF regiment and want to know what its really like, regards brokenspud.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Do you work for a polling company?

    Outside of serving and ex-RAF regt there is only one view I've ever heard.......
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  3. There are a lot of threads about the RAF Regiment, so do a search, you lazy civilian ****.
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  4. What I've seen of the airborne element of the RAF Regt they are very good.
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  5. Well, 3 of my uncles (all currently serving) have told me that its great, but any army/marine related people have all said that they are "pussies and toy soldiers"
  6. They like to think of themselves as the third of the big three.

    So it is TA, ACF and then RAF REGT.
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  7. What I've seen of them compared to some infantry units, they'd put them to shame. In fact in SFSG they are regarded better than the Marines.
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  8. How are they better than Marines? Because of their airborne capability?
  9. No. Because they are good at what they do.
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  10. Mr Brokenspud.....Here are some words of advice. Be very very carefull with what you post, there's a few of us in here (serving and ex Rocks) if you want to know more then go and Google it and open the Homepage. Regards to you. Ex Rockape51.
  11. Generally they are a pointless bunch of wannabes. Most have failed to get into the RAF in any other guise - the RAF, you must understand, is an organisation built around failure: everyone wants to be a jet jockey, those that can't do that end up driving flying 4 tonners, those that can't do that fly helicopters, and so it goes on all the way down the food chain and at the very bottom is the humble Rock Ape. And they are now, or at least should be, an endangered species and should be done away with in the defence cuts.

    Clearly above I refer to the officers of the junior service. Admittedly it is often difficult to distinguish them from the other ranks - next question: why would anyone join the RAF as an other rank, where there is absolutely no chance of doing anything remotely like flying? Answers on a post card please.
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  12. To be a techie. For those that way inclined the satisfaction involved in sticking your head inside something like a Eurofighter and making it work, then standing there and feeling the reheat in your bones as it departs vertically is massive. And things like air traffic control too, **** that up and people die.

    Lord Trenchard is oft quoted as pointing out that the core skills of the RAF are flying and engineering. They are, and the further you get away from those two things the higher the proportion of useless, pointless jobsworth tossers. And as for pilots in non-flying jobs, why bother ? The sooner they go back to NCO aircrew so that the few officers left have to act like officers the better.
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  13. Queensman, not everyone wants to fly fast jets, I knew a number of pilots who were quite happy as truckies or chopper pilots. As for the non commisioned ranks, I can only speak for myself, I had a very good time without all the naus that I would have had in the Army. And the Rocks? There is not always a lot of love lost between the Rocks and us Pengies, however the Rocks do have their uses and I got on well with them, except in Catterick.
  14. I hesitate to answer the question as I suppose it is mainly rhetorical, posed by someone else that clearly knows **** all about the RAF but thinks that mouthing of the usual ARRSE party line is somehow a substitute for towering arrogance and ignorance. I spent the best years of my life on RAF MR with the finest bunch of blokes you could ever wish to meet, and like a few of us was also parachute trained.
    I don't know why there are so many mouthy twats on here that seem to think that they somehow have the right to slag of my service and by association me and the men I served with, and I don't know either why we are all so ******* polite in not telling them to wind their ******* necks in.
    To read some of the crap on here that is one endless whine about the RAF, what a bunch of tossers, fat useless incompetent and gutless to a man, one could be forgiven for speculating on the service of the poster. Most I would think are nothing but mouth that have been nowhere and done **** all. My ex unit never comprised of more than 150 blokes spread over the various teams, but they were the equal of any from any service you care to name.

    This from the Expedition summary of the 2001 RAF MR Everest expedition.

    " The fact that the RAF Mountain Rescue Service can, and has, produced the calibre of person to undertake and successfully complete this great challenge is a tremendous testament to the skill and professionalism of the service. All the more so when it is considered that the sumiteers from the other two successful British military teams have been special forces. Furthermore the RAF Mountain Rescue Service are volunteers, and the majority undertake this work in addition to their normal duties”.

    The RAF MR teams have on more than one occasion pulled members of the British army out of the shit. I personally can recall a British Army officer on a hill called Stob Ban at the top of Glen Nevis, that was about to walk off leaving one of his blokes who was knackered to catch up. Four of us pitched up just as the heroes were about to push off. One look and a couple of questions was enough to show the guy was suffering from exposure so we told Rambo he needed to get the guy of the hill.
    “The British Army never retreats” ses he. We called him a few names and after he found out who we were and had threatened us with all sorts of torture and other military punishments, he finally gave in and we got his guy off the hill. If we had not been there the lad would have died. So don’t ******* tell me about what a superior service the Army is you have just as many ********* as any other service, probably more.

    Here if anyone is interested is another time the teams helped the army, on a slightly higher hill.


    With the Closing of RAF Kinloss my old team now wont make its 70th birthday, so that’s a piss up missed, but its a history that I am proud of and I wont stand by whilst idiots slag off my service and by association all of us that were part of it.

    Royal Air Force Mountain Recue Association
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  15. Tell me, Whose bed did you get out of the wrong side, this morning.
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