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Opinions on The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury

Being a yocal, I have not stayed over but the scran in the brassiere is very good and the various bars/seating areas are very nice. A definite 4 out of 5, in terms of entertaining the ladies!! I believe that all of the rooms are well done out well but I would do tripadvisor.co.uk check first.
JJH I stayed there about a century ago so have no idea what it's like now, but it was quite reasonable then. No doubt you will already have this:
Cotswolds Hotels, Malmesbury Hotels, Luxury Cotswolds Hotels | Old Bell Hotel
Many thanks--on the off chance you recall the room number where you stayed let me know so I can stop by and see the commemorative plaque on the door post in your honor in the manner of rock stars and actors who are usually so remembered for the damage they did to the room or the HazMatt (see what I did there) disinfection required. ;-)
So JJH, are you doing an ARRSE (Septic Division) tour of the UK?
I suspect that a few ARRSErs would volunteer to share/buy/spill a few bevvies with you.
JJH - can't go myself this year. you do know how to make a guy jealous though. Really looks a lovely place.
I will enjoy a nice vegetarian meal in your honor. I am going on a recce for possible uni positions where they need some good ole Suthurn US drawl to round out the student's education and do due diligence on small but well-run companies needing an "angel investor" in the guise of the LHCO (AKA "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED") in order for us the get the "entrepreneur" visa that is now the only practical (though VERY expensive) route to a visa now. I suppose if things here continue to deteriorate in terms of our government taking away our money AND RIGHTS at an ever increasing pace, we will be able to qualify as asylum seekers.

I also will be trying to find landlords who are daft enough to let a cottage to not only rather eccentric (well at least SWMBO as I am perfectly normal) Yanks but more importantly those with a pack of 10 rescue dogs and 2 rather bewildered cats!
So JJH, are you doing an ARRSE (Septic Division) tour of the UK?
I suspect that a few ARRSErs would volunteer to share/buy/spill a few bevvies with you.
How very kind. If there are any ARRSERS who are daft enough (and willing to risk me seeing that despite their ferocious avatar/user name and posts of their derring-do as 16th man on the balcony, they are but relatively normal blokes or birds) I will do all in my power to lend a little dignity to what otherwise will be a vulgar slagging match in some unlucky pub. I will be circulating around the Bristol-Bath-Swindon area in September.

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