opinions on the best way to pack kit into bergan?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nutty12345, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. trying to find a better way to pack my bergan and why you like it that type of way

    3 days rations
    g-tex top & trousers
    sleeping bag + bivvie bag
    cba, if not wearing it
    cs top + trousers
    softie top + bottoms
    washing kit (smally tupa wear box)
    box polish + brush(in small waterproof bag)
    trenching tool
    poncho + pegs
    sewing kit
    survival tin


    TOP FLAP- sewing kit, polish,bungie, 1 ration pack
    SIDE POUCH 1 BOTTOM TO TOP - rations, poncho + pegs (so i can quickly grap the poncho and un-needed rations sit at the bottom
    SIDE POUCH 2 - BOTTOM TO TOP - towel, norgie, washing kit (dont really use the stuff at the bottom much only really to washing kit)
    FRONT COMPARTMENT - trenching tool
    IN BERGAN MAIN BOTTOM TO TOP - sofites in drybag, dry cs stuff in drybag, g-tex stuff in drybag all in the level in like a triangle shape, then trainers and dry socks in sleeping bag, then day sack rolled up

    Just looking for some opinions on how use pack it and why and maybe some other kit like radio batteries and spare ammo
  2. My simple rule is always light stuff at the bottom, heaviest at the top and then use some common sense for the rest of it.
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  3. Sleeping bag at the bottom?
  4. It needs to be top heavy otherwise your centre of gravity is alles uber and the bottom of your bergan is pushing down on the top of your arse

    Top Inner pocket
    Washing/shaving kit
    Soap and dish
    Electric razor
    Travel towel
    Footpowder (in zip lock bag)
    Boot cleaning kit

    Side Pouch No 1
    Remainder ORP
    Flip flops/trainers

    Side Pouch No 2
    Spare clothing/sect kit

    Main Body
    Sleeping bag inside Bivi Bag
    Spare clothing
    Thermal top
    2nd fleece
    Sleeping mat

    Outer Pouch
    Poncho (with cord/bungees att)
  5. Get a water a water proof canoe bag as they are mega then bang your sleeping bag at the bottom. Rations in one side pouch and the other things that you will need in your day sack and bergan and need to swap over and then the rest like wash kit ect on the top of your bergan in stash bags and finally wack your poncho with bungees attached in your top flap.
  6. To save weight, not only do I cut my toothbrush in half, I also cut my sleeping bag in half.

    I also bought de-hydrated water off the internet. It comes in a what looks like a plastic bladder full of air. You snip the top off, add water..and bingo...re-hydrated water!
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  7. Why put the survival tin in the bergen?
  8. Poncho in very top pouch of bergan, not in the front one as when hands cold night mare to get in and out.
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  9. You know you can actually buy half a sleeping bag, the mountain marathon loons buy 'em.
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  10. Cutting your sleeping bag in half ha hats never fail to surprise you.
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  11. Top Tip. I always find that putting stuff in through the lid at the top is best.
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  12. Love it, top half, bottom half or lengthways for the sleeping bag?
  13. Ah cheers Saladin,

    My bergan has the lid at the bottom and stuff keeps falling out, I'll take it back to the QM's it must be faulty.

    There's 2 varieties of semi bag - top only (no that doesn't make it a duvet, it still has an uninsulated base), legs only (to use with a duvet jacket).
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  14. To save carrying half a toothbrush, I pulled all my teeth out.
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  15. Well done that man! Bonus points for saving weight of teeth as well.
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