opinions on lundhags?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by scarletpimpernel, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. hi,

    can get myself a cheap pair of brand new lundhags and was just wanting to see if anyone else had used this brand? any feedback good or bad? how do they compare to the other popular boots?

  2. If they are for sking in forget, they are really shite get some alico's or scarpas. (Think they are issued now?)

    If they are for normal wet cold muddy field soldiering in they aren't to bad, well made , good sole, although a bit clumsy.

    Whats wrong with combat high's?............
  3. Just incase no body else knew what Lundhags are


    I do beleive they are issued to the Norwegian Jaeger Kommandos and the Fallskjerm Battalions.

  4. When I was a lad, over 20 years ago, the shakeys used to swear by them in Norway. There is probably something much better about nowadays?

    Still got a pair myself for dog-walking in winter.
    Toasty toes guaranteed !! :)
  5. yeh thats the boot i can get now. the forester. apparently its an upgrade of the old boot that they have always had, with vibram sole etc. i dont find anything wrong with standard boots i was just offered them for a decent price so was considering it. that website you gave harry, i notice is selling danners at the lower price range, maybe i will get myself some acadias now!!
  6. scarlet pimp, try these mate, hanwags, probably one of the best on the market, lighter than lowa boots but of the same quality


    there from the camp shop in sennybridge.hope this helps

    P.S if you think £101 is pricey, they normaly retail from £160
  7. Not sure on the current SP for Dannas, the gore tex lined variety were named the "foot ovens" great for standing around in but not really suitable for tabbing or warmer UK weather. Id go for the Lundhag, of the 2, but there are loads of other threads here that will tell you about the many "Go faster " boots.

    If your serving just remember if your on ops and they break you will get a pair of issued boots!
  8. appreciate all the input from everyone. thanks
  9. brought a pair in sweden good for standing around in the cold and wet lousy for warm weather probably better boots out there now