Opinions on fcuk buddies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by edd1989, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. Yes, they are the best thing since sliced carrots

  2. No, they are cold, unromantic and disgusting (I'm a woman)

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  3. Slap on the back for you fella! Good effort and see if she'll let you do her up the wrongen

  4. I hate people like you, now stick your head in a bucket of acid and seamen...pardon? I'm not je

  1. The only reason why I’m on ARRSE this late at night is because i am having trouble sleeping. After several months of trying to nail a good friend of mine (stunner and female, just clearing that up) i have managed to attain a fcuk buddy.
    Just think, regular sex with a good looking girl with no-strings attached and yet still having the ability to pursue other..."interests". I'm so chuffed.

    So what do you think of this wondrous concept?

  2. Edd - watch out, I give it 1-3 months if you're seeing each other regularly before one of you develops "strings". Seen it happen again and again (no, not to me, although applicants should feel free to pm me). Enjoy it while it lasts though, it's for winners while it does :)
  3. can i have one too, please?
    edited to add: i'm only on here now because i work permanent nights.
  4. Agreed Artemis,

    Have had the pleasure once, but was lucky enough to stop said nonsense..... before her hubby came back from Bosnia!
  5. Women NEVER give something for nothing.

    The opening of the legs is just a loss leader on the way up the mortgage and three kids mountain.
  6. Agreed...even though they are awesome, with my very limited experience I have learnt they're not a good idea...strings appear very quickly...so good for a bit but you need to cut and run fast!

  7. Sorry Edd but it will end in tears ive said it before, women cant do sex without feelings, and men are just grateful for a feeling!
  8. We blokes have feelings too you know scotlass :D And I thought you loved me.................... :D :D :D argh well plenty more fish in the sea :D now where is that bloody fishing rod...... :idea: Taboo where are you? :D
  9. Young man, you must be careful if you are indulging in a fcuk buddy. Casual sex can lead to blobby knob, crusty balls, rashes, HIV/AIDS and something called a relationship. :D

    Who else is goosing your fb? :twisted:
  10. Me
  11. You've just managed to nail her, and now you are having trouble sleeping....?

    Was she lying in post coital bliss a few feet away while you feverishly typed your exultant message to the world (well to ARRSE anyway), or has it been more than one night that you have been too excited to sleep?

    Sounds to me like its you that has developed "feelings" and at a very early stage in proceedings.

    I reckon you're fcuked in more ways than one
  12. No, not you taffridge. Granted she chosen me but she still has some standards.

    I'm smugger than Simon Cowell after he has just won the arrogant tosser award.

    Any advice any ARRSER's can offer. Many of you feel it will only lead to a relationship, i'll enjoy it for the moment. If it happens at least i'm a fast runner.

    In the meantime would anyone else like to sing?


    "I'm in the money, I'm in the money..."

  13. Edd - be very careful. If she's your FB she may also be someone elses at the same time.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sign me up. I've always wanted a spare motor, and I can break them quicker than you can say "I laaaaaaaaaave yooooooooo, daaaaan't leeeaaavvee meeeeeeeeeee!"