Opinions: Job Change?

Evening lads/lasses;

I've passed my selection n whatnot, current job I'm in the waiting list for is Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. I like the sound of the job and everything, hence why I chose it, I'm an IT technician at the moment but find it pretty dull I so chose a job which is different, but still uses technology and electronics and such.

For some reason though, I've found myself constantly drawn to the Combat Medical Technician role. I like helping people, which is one of my main reasons for joining the armed forces, I'm good with people and I'm good with computers and things alike.

I've had a good dig around ARRSE and found some useful nuggets on either choice, but I'm still in limbo. I'm not sure writing on here will make a lot of difference, but I don't have any friends who understand what I'm banging on about - so thought I'd chuck it on the forum.

Anyone been in a similar situation?

Can't say I know much about either but electronic warfare is the way of the future (or so I hear), so you may well see some exciting new stuff if you follow that route. If IT is your thing, then I say stick with what you know.

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