Opinions I trust looking for Stagging on and patrol boots

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Rulebritania, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Lads & Lasses, I'm a former Infantryman 87-00 I am now Old Bill. I own a pair of Lowa Patrol Boots which are not comfortable enough in that I get pain in both heels and balls of my feet. The Physio said it looks like I now have flat feet (Fu<k off was my response).

    I am now looking for a decent pair of boots (£150 tops) which are comfy for both walking and static patrol. All the boots I've looked at don't mention static patrol "STAGGING ON".

    Please help!
  2. Special orthopedic insoles, or visit Altbergs in Richmond.
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  3. Use the search function.
  4. Either use your existing with these in 'em
    SOLE Custom Footbeds
    The 'response' ones are good as a replacement for factory insoles.

    The ideal would be to get in touch with Altberg and have a chat with one of their bootmakers.
  5. I realise I said I was an infantryman and therefore not in the upper echelons of the intelligent people, I did use that function before posting, Also I'm looking for upto date advice some threads are older than some of the childish posts I've read :eye:

    None of the reviews look at the standing still that the wearers of the military boots do allot of in all weathers and hard surfaces

    Thank you for looking at my thread though.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    What are you actually allowed to wear - anything in basic black goes or do you have restrictions?
  7. Yes the police have stopped issuing boots the only restrictions are black leather sturdy. I've had in the past Tactical 5.1, issued magnums and now I'm with Lowa Patrol which don't allow for decent socks and cushioned insoles.
  8. As has been said, give Altberg in Richmond a call and arrange a visit if you can, if you book they give you their undivided attention, well worth it.
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  9. I certainly wouldn't shoot you down for it. I just spent a month tabbing around the jungle/scrub in Belize wearing a pair of Bates Tactical Sport 8" boots with no problems. Uber comfortable with zero break-in time required, though a bit light on the ankle support side. There are full leather options available that may be a bit better. I actually got them from that web site as they seemed to be doing the best prices at the time.

    Probably not the best option for high-end infantry stuff carrying lots of weight, but certainly enough for anything a peeler job would throw at you.
  10. To echo what others have already said: Altberg of Richmond.

    I know a quite a few plod (beat/firearms) that are wearing them.
  11. Get some ammo boots...

    They work for the Guards for 'static patrols' and patroling.

    And think of the effect of the relentless clack, clack, clack up hte street.

  12. Not to mention the skidding past anyone when I try to stop after running haha

    I did try a pair of off the shelf Altbergs when I got my Lowa's from Silvermans, they were tight fitting width ways. I think a trip is on the cards from LONDON.

    As for Bates boots I've not really heard of them until recently worth a look.

    My Lowa's are good boots only 2yr old, I may try some orthotic insoles first I have an appointment with foot doctor on the 15th.

    Being ex Infantry my feet are temples to movement and have to be looked after, footwear are my only real indulgence.
  13. Some of my muckers ware bates falcon for urban patrolling and they swear by 'um. There a lot like the old gsg9 boots
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    some of the larger outdoor stores do the superfeet insoles which are made up to suit you. if they are flat then you'll get some built up ones made up for you.

    you sure you just havent got tired feet? daft question but a bit of bare foot time and exercise your feet can help. beach running is pretty good