Opinions and personal experiance wanted!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mayfair, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Right my question to you is, (providing you have already served in the army) when you 1st joined up for service is there anything you wish someone else had infrormed you of before you joined?

    Perhaps it sounds like a strange question but i am at the grassroots level of being recruited and would just like some opinions on what exactly i am getting involved in, Im just looking to get a better grasp of what the pro's and cons of a career in the army and/or any other snippets of information you think would be useful to a 25 year old man considering a new challange in the BA

    From my quick scout of this forum no doubt the apparent naivety of my question will light the fuse on more than one tampon but any opinions are welcome

    gentlemen start your blowtorches and thanks in advance
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  2. Use the recruitment stickies and the search function.
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  3. Sounds like a journo to me.
  4. "experiance" "infrormed"...You may have something there.
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  5. for some reason i forget the stickies and search bar are not just for decoration, downfall im just a guy looking for some opinions i literally walked into a recruitment centre today and thought who better to get useful info from than people already serving?

  6. One of the best sources to replies to your questions is from the ACIO/AFCO staff themselves, as:

    They currently serve.
    Have a wealth of experience, various military different backgrounds in order to balance the recruitment commitments.

    However due to how the recruitment process has evolved since i first joined & have become a prisoner ever since (sarcasm) every individual's info gathering is quite widely varied at all levels, your choices will no doubt change before the completition of your basic training.

    Many recruits need to understand the impact to their lives, culture & discipline change, however every persons learning speed is different & Instructor's are there for a reason.
  7. thanks beemer, ive already had a lenghty chat with the ACIO staff and some family and friends who have served. I just want as much food for thought as possible.

    I suppose attacking training head on and see what i think 6 months down the line is the best option