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Discussion in 'REME' started by sol1821, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. hey guys,

    I've done a search and read through all the posts before someone mentions it ;)
    ive also posted this in another section but thought id post it here as well.

    I'm thinking of joining the army as an armourer.

    qualifications so far are, 3 A's at a-level, maths phys chem. plus a load of a*/a's at gcse
    currently in 3rd year of a physics degree.
    current mood towards education, fed up lol i just want to get out there and do something.

    my main hobby is shooting, its something i enjoy a lot. and im quite good at it, one a national comp at bisley last summer.
    i also really enjoy taking my guns apart and working on them (all 21 of them :D thats where all my uni money has gone lol)

    being an armourer sounds like it would be a good job for me, but i thought id get some advice from the guys in the know as everything on the army jobs sites seems to make out that everything about everything is great.

    I'm sure a few of you reading this will be thinking, physics student? army? i give him 5 minutes. so just to crush the geek stereotype, I'm 6ft3" and can give as good as i get. and i of course understand that i will be a soldier first.

    so has anyone got any thoughts?
    few questions I've got are
    - will i get to do lots of shooting?
    -when/if I'm deployed will i just be stuck in an armory checking guns in and out or will i get to be more involved?
    -how much gunsmithing is involved?
    -does the army have an ipsc shooting team?

    i know these things will vary a lot so i was just looking for general comments.

    thanks in advance for any info.

  2. Being an armourer is a great trade, if you like hiding yourself away in a dark armoury with like minded types, touching each other & discussing your latest warhammer achievements.
  3. Sounds like you'll be wasted as an armourer mate. Overqualified. If you really want to join up-especially in light of your quals-look at being a ocifer!

    Few questions-answers;

    -Yes-especially if you join a "teeth arm"
    -A lot of your job would entail inventory checks as a junior soldier/tradesman-dull stuff in the armoury,pretty isolated too
    lots, if you stay at trade, get your class one cert and g on op tours a lot (looking at around 7 years down the line)
    -If you are a good shot and get the recognition/show enthusiasm there is loads of opportunity to shoot/become a skill at arms instructor/range warden etc.

    If you show enthusiasm as an officer at shooting and are good at it it could do your career a power of good!
  4. What he said...

    You are over-qualified for an Armourer and would be bored within the year.

    Apply for Sandhurst. If you want to stay technical, aim for REME. If you want to aim for the top, join the Infantry.

  5. I have already replied with my first thoughts but please do not join the Army with the idea that you will no longer be educated! Wrong!

    You will be trained again and again. Your education does not cease because you have joined up!

    As I wrote a few minutes ago, apply for a commission. If you are unsuccessful, then think about applying to be an Armourer.

  6. Over qualified for an Armourer.

    If you want Armourer you should be at least a Gun Nut.
  7. hey, my comment about education was mainly directed about what i am currently studying, physics. i have little to no interest in it. i want to start doing something/learning about something i have a passion for.
  8. I've got 21 guns at the moment, of various types, ranging from air pistols upwards.
    when im not shooting them im taking them apart and improving the internals.
  9. As I already said.......
    Oh, and try to focus on what guns "do," more than what they "are".......
  10. cheers for the reply,
    im not bothered about being an officer, at the moment i want to be an armourer, and my understanding is i wouldnt be able to do anything like this if i went in as an officer.
    i can always work my way up and earn a nco rank.
  11. Mate. In that case.Before you join up, look at working for a weapons manufacturer like BAE,H+K,COLT etc. You'll be a soldier first no matter what in the army. Your gun fiddling ways will always come second place....
    You've got the quals-earn proper money working at the other end of the arms industry!!
  12. That is something I would like to do, but no one will hire me as I’ve no gunsmithing/engineering qualification. And there Apprenticeship schemes are full up.
    I was thinking about the army to get the skills, see how it goes and if I’m enjoying it stick with it and make it my career, or come out with the qualifications to make myself more appealing to the gun companies.
  13. I know of a couple of armourers who got out and work for the Cops or the gentry (fixin shotguns). I even know of a bloke who got to work on stage guns for the film industry. Its a very specialised profession though. Hard to turn a profit (in this country at least!).
    Armourers a good trade. My top cover (50 cal) was an armourer on my last tour. Good blokes-bit isolated though. Promotions quite slow too. Unless you go Artficer.....but thats another story!
  14. Do not aspire to be less than you are, aim as high as you can, dont underestimate your self.

    I gave this advice to my children and now Im giving it to my grandchildren, did they listen? Did they fcuk. Are they happy? Yes they are.

    Look at some other threads on this site regarding officer recruiting / REME armourer etc and ask a lot more questions before committing yourself.

  15. What he said...